The ocean is increasingly recognized as being inextricably interwoven with climate, biodiversity and human well-being. This emerging recognition has highlighted the need for a coordinated approach to support policy and governance of the ocean system as a whole. Stewardship of the ocean must be led by evidence – informed by the past, present and future evolution of the ocean. This knowledge needs to be credible and inclusive of diverse knowledge systems and disciplines.

In response to the need to accelerate coordination of knowledge and resources, an International Panel for Ocean Sustainability (IPOS) was proposed. With the support of the Ocean & Climate Platform and many other scientific institutions, the purpose and goals of the IPOS have been detailed in a soon-to-be published paper in Ocean Sustainability: “An evolution towards scientific consensus for a sustainable ocean future” (in press). After the presentation at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon in June 2022, the European Union published a series of recommendations for ocean governance, one which officially supports the IPOS. During COP27, the possibility of a core scientific coalition will be explored.

An international line up of speakers, including both presidents of the CNRS and WHOI, will present the scientific rationale for the IPOS. A short film, made for this event, reminds us of “the need for a new social contract for humanity’s relationship with the ocean” (UN Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030). An integrated and inclusive perspective on ocean science is a necessary foundation for this new relationship with the ocean, to guide the way for a sustainable future for all.

COP27 Launch of the IPOS Coalition: Scientific Institutions coming together for Ocean Sustainability
Venue: Ocean Pavilion, COP27, Sharm El-Sheik
Date: 10 November 2022
Time: 15h00 to 16.15