Stellenbosch University annually publishes its Research Report in the form of a magazine-type booklet that illustrates the successful contributions of a selected number of SU research projects towards attaining one of our biggest goals in terms of research – positively impacting the lives of people.

Through its core business of research and innovation, student training and community interaction, SU continuously strives to contribute to shifting the boundaries of knowledge to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future. This publication provides a snapshot of contributions by SU researchers toward the creation of a society where people can live peacefully, where good health and dignity are promoted, where poverty and related conditions are eradicated, where sustainable developments ensure the future of our natural resources and the environment, and where technological developments contribute to the advancement of the lives of people and of society. SU is a research-driven university, and proud host to a group of highly talented and dedicated researchers. This publication also pays tribute to their commitment and tenacity, and their exceptional contributions to society.

We are proud of the CST research projects that are included in this publication, on pages 17 – 18 and 84 respectively. To view the full publication, please click here.