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Russia’s Resurgent Interest in Africa: The Cases of Zambia and Tanzania

Dzvinka Kachur
Publication: SAIIA Report
2022 - Reports & Policy Briefs

This special report looks at Russia’s political, military and economic cooperation with Zambia and Tanzania. It also analyses the Soviet Union’s legacy, from which the Russian government and businesses can benefit in current relationships with African countries.

Resilience Policy Brief

R. Biggs, C. Pringle, N. Sitas, H. Clements, B. Dube, M. Hamann, W. Malherbe, A. Manyani, R. Preiser, O. Selomane and J. Waddell.
Publication: CST Publications
2021 - Reports & Policy Briefs

Use of the term “resilience” has grown rapidly over the past two decades and is currently something of a buzzword.

Systems approaches to food and nutrition security and urban resilience: Lessons from Cape Town, South Africa and Kumasi, Ghana

Kushitor, S.B,. Currie, P., Drimie, S., Badu, M., Faragher, T., Bhikoo, J. and Cramer, C.
Publication: LIRA
2020 - Reports & Policy Briefs

As part of the Inclusive Metabolism project, researchers and city officials from Cape Town, South Africa, and Kumasi, Ghana, shared their perspectives on how improving food systems can have wider socio- economic benefits for society, building resilience to shocks. Important approaches included adopting a food-water-energy nexus approach and embracing the value of informality to build resilience in city food systems.

The Ocean Transition: What to Learn from System Transitions

Mark Swilling, Mary Ruckelshaus and Tanya Brodie Rudolph
2020 - Reports & Policy Briefs

This paper proceeds from the assumption that the ocean is a commons. The problem this paper seeks
to address is the complex challenge of governing the ocean as a commons. Governance systems since the
dawn of modernity have evolved to govern city-states nation-states and international relations. But the
transformations to sustainability require governing interlinkages and interactions that have not previously
existed across sectors, and scales with multiple actors.

Towards nature-based resilience in infrastructure development and assessment

Dr Michelle Audouin and Dr Nadia Sitas
Publication: GRAID Policy Brief
2020 - Reports & Policy Briefs

Infrastructure is critical to Africa’s development and its ability to address poverty. Achieving Africa’s development aspirations hinges on ensuring equitable access, not only to basic infrastructure such as water and sanitation systems, new electricity lines, roads and storm water drainage; but also to enhanced access to telecommunications and modern agricultural technologies for food security.