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Advancing resilience assessments: the social dimensions of electricity supply in South Africa

Dr Susara Elizabeth van der Merwe
2019 - Theses

Electricity supply serves as a lifeline, is foundational to the effective functioning of modern society, and powers multiple layers of other critical infrastructure systems. This dissertation uses the implications of complexity thinking and resilience thinking to investigate approaches to assess and build the resilience of the embedded social resources required to ensure resilient essential service delivery.

Transformative Collaborative Governance Relations Towards Sustainability: The Case of the Stellenbosch River Collaborative

Charon Lynette Buchner Marais
Publication: Stellenbosch University
2016 - Theses

Exploring connections in social-ecological systems: The links between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human wellbeing in South Africa

Hamann, M
Publication: Stockholm University, Sweden
2016 - Theses

Regime Shifts in the Anthropocene

Rocha, J.
Publication: Stockholm University, Sweden
2015 - Theses