Complexity theory, systems modelling & anticipatory intelligence

Research Group Leaders: Jannie Hofmeyr, Rika Preiser and Josephine Musango

This research theme will focus on the theoretical underpinnings and related methods that are necessary to understand the dynamics of transitions in natural and social systems at multiple scales. This theme will provide the conceptual framework for the other research themes, but will also generate its own specific outputs that will contribute to the global knowledge of complex system transitions. Systems dynamics models will be built for all three TDCs to enable and empower the actor-networks involved in each TDC to engage each other over possible future solutions-based scenarios that could lead to more sustainable outcomes. A dedicated replicable model for each TDC will be built up and adapted over time. The lessons learnt from these applied applications of the systems dynamics modelling capability will be drawn out and published as contributions to the wider global field of systems dynamics research. Some existing projects include: Western Cape Green Economy Modelling led by Brent and Dr Musango; and Resources and Urban Africa led by Dr Musango in collaboration with Prof Fernandez (MIT); A book titled “System Dynamics models for Africa’s Developmental planning” edited by Prof Brent; Relational Complexity Science, Metabolic Patterns led by Prof Hofmeyr.

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