Postdoctoral Fellowship

R220 000 awarded for one year. Possible extension for a second year, depending on availability of funds, and research outputs.

Host: Dr Mathilda Slabbert, Department of English, Stellenbosch University
Project Title: Exploring the Archive: South African Women’s Life Writing (19th century to the present)

Scope of Research: The proposed project aims to recover elements of South African women’s life writing, focusing on material in archives and recently published life narratives. Working to overcome restrictive and masculinist interpretative frameworks, the research will contribute to recognising the complexities and diversity of women’s subjectivities and identities in South Africa, past and present. In particular, the project investigates the diverse ways in which female subjectivity is written into varied form by under-explored, marginalised or forgotten South African women. The project also investigates what these existing scholarly responses to these writings reveal about the methods and frameworks employed to reflect on women’s identities, sexualities, and socio-political affiliations, with particular attention to discourses currently defined as lesbian and/or feminist.


  • PhD (obtained not more than five years ago).
  • Evidence of accredited publication
  • A research focus that closely intersects with the field of study outlined above
  • Proven ability to conduct archival research.
    -The Postdoctoral research fellow will be expected to write at least two accredited research output units for the year, and to participate in undergraduate elective teaching.
    -The candidate will enjoy selected opportunities for career development, such as: co-supervision; participation in the administration of the IABA Africa Chapter; and co-mentoring of the Queer Reading Group.

  • Postdoctoral research fellows are not eligible for employee benefits since they are registered as fellows and their bursaries are awarded tax free.
    The closing date for applications is the 31 May 2019

    Please send your CV and a project proposal of no more than a page to Mathilda Slabbert: