Prof Grace Musila

Associate Professor
MA African Literature, DLitt African Literature (Wits)
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Postcolonial literatures; African literatures and popular cultures; East African fiction and popular media; Gender studies; Film studies; Literatures of the black Diaspora.


Eastern and Southern African literary and cultural studies; African encounters with modernity; Masculinities, femininities and power in Africa; Power and the postcolonial state in Africa; Postcolonial Whiteness in Africa; African Intellectual Traditions and the Literary Archive


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  • Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies conference series. Partners: Makerere University, University of Nairobi and University of Dar es Salaam  (2013–ongoing)
  • Arts of Survival: Recasting Lives in African Cities. Partners: Indiana University, Bloomington, University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University (2016)
  • Globalisation and the Body: Gender and Nationalism. Partners: Abo Akademi University, University of Lapland, University of the Western Cape, Stellenbosch University, Makerere University, University of Nairobi, Addis Ababa University. (2009 – 2014)



  • “Narrated Histories in the Kenyan Novel, 1963 – 2013”
  • “Trauma in Selected East African Fiction and Life Writing of Civil War
  • “Contemporary Textual Configurations of Maasainess” (co-supervisor)
  •  “Representations of Troubled Childhoods in Post-1990 African Fiction”
  • “Depictions of Disability in Contemporary African Imaginaries”
  •  “The Making and Re-making of Gender in Tanzanian Fiction”


  • “Representations of Disability in Late 20th Century American Women’s Writing”
  • “The Zimbabwean Crisis and Locations of Writing Zimbabwe’s ‘Lost Decade'”
  • “Configurations of Identity in Literary Portraits of Conflict in the Horn of Africa”