Prof Shaun Viljoen

Associate Professor
BA Hons (UCT), HDE (PG) (Sec) (UCT), MA (London), PhD (Wits)
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Tel: +2721 808 2061


  • Undergraduate: Shakespeare, Schreiner, Post-1994 South African literature, Queer studies
  • Postgraduate: Literature and biography; creative writing


Literary biography; life and work of Richard Rive; South/Southern African contemporary fiction and globalisation; Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, Ishtiyak Shukri; South-South literary studies; Literatures and languages of Brazil, Southern Africa and India; Scholarship of learning and teaching; English Literature and Pedagogy


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  • Forthcoming: Co-editor with Fernando Rosa Ribeiro (University of Malaya) Provisional title:  “The Creole Indian and Atlantic Ocean”.
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