Risk Management and Campus Security

Risk Management and Campus Security provides the SU campus community with a wide range of Risk Management and Campus Security services which involve mainly the following:

  • Campus Security
    Services in support of a safe learning, living and working environment are provided by Campus Security. These involve safety patrols, access control, contracted security services, alarm monitoring and response, emergency response, response to abnormal incidents, closed circuit television monitoring, security and parking at special events, etc.

  • Fire Services
    In addition to monitoring and responding to fire alarm systems this division supports all SU areas to compile and implement emergency evacuation plans, and also serves as a dispatch first response  during any fire. The division contracts experts to do fire audits as part of occupational health and safety services.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Services
    Risk Management and Campus Security is responsible for occupational safety services audits of SU buildings and environment. . The division serves as adviser and supports all SU areas to adhere to legal requirements in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These include safety appointments, emergency plans and the enforcement of the Act during large events.

  • Risk-related training
    As a service to SU environments the division coordinates first-aid, fire, safety representative and incident courses for staff and student leaders who belong to the various safety committees in the different environments.

  • Institutional Risk Management Support Services
    Risk Management and Campus Security renders an administrative and secretarial service to the SU's Risk Management Committee (RMC). This entails the management of the RMC Secretariat, and support and facilitation of risk registers at all levels of SU structures. These services include, among others, management support in the preparation of safety-related policy, risk determination, risk assessment and risk reporting.