About Us

The FVZS Institute was officially launched in March 2011 as one of the HOPE projects of Stellenbosch University. The Institute pays homage to a great (South) African leader, critical thinker, thought leader and son of Stellenbosch University, the late Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert.

Through our program offering the Institute creates various platforms through which students and young people can expand their learning experiences and leadership skills.

At the core of what we do, we are committed to staying engaged with an ever changing South African and global context. Through our offerings we strive to remain relevant, critical and encourage collaboration and partnerships locally, across Africa and beyond. We believe in remaining future focussed and innovative in our approach, understanding the need to be a significant role-player in creating inclusive spaces for dialogue on hope and reconciliation, justice, activism and decolonisation.

The programme offering of the FVZS Institute is structured and aligned to our strategic goals 2016-2020 around the following pillars:

  • Leadership, Active Citizenship and Social responsibility
  • Democracy, Justice and Human Rights
  • Repositioning SU as a New African University
  • Critical Engagement, Innovation and Inclusivity

Our Vision

The FVZS Institute strives to support the development of leadership in Africa to cultivate active citizens contributing to a socially just and sustainable society.

 Our Mission

We support our vision by creating

  • engaging platforms which are critical and constructive in addressing the leadership challenges and opportunities of the 21st century
  • accredited leadership short courses which are relevant in supporting sustainable leadership through a strong educational pedagogy
  • a collaborative approach to an Africa-focused leadership paradigm enabling our participants to explore indigenous practices in a global society