Full-time Staff

Heidi October
Heidi OctoberHead
In addition to being the institute’s head, Heidi is the Deputy Director: Centre for Student Leadership & Structures. She obtained her MPhil (Organisations & Public Cultures) at Stellenbosch University and established her own private consultancy in 2012 focusing on staff and leadership development. Heidi is excited about the FVZSI’s ability to co-create platforms across the African continent for young leaders to critically engage as active academic citizens on a global level. In her off-time Heidi enjoys long distance walking & solo traveling.
Spurgeon-Haddon Wilson
Spurgeon-Haddon WilsonProgramme Manager
Spurgeon studied a Bachelor of Law (LLB) at Stellenbosch University. He was the General Manager at the Media24 Rachel’s Angels Trust and worked as Student recruitment advisor at Stellenbosch University. Spurgeon sees himself as a people-developer. FVZS aids him in self-development and the development of others on a daily basis. Being able to help others unlock their own potential brings him great joy. In his spare time, Spurgeon loves cooking and enjoys recording home-made cooking shows.
Annas Coetzee
Annas CoetzeeAdministrative Officer - Research
Annas has his MTech in Business Administration obtained his Masters in Librarianship. Previously, he has worked at the NLSA Library (Cape Town) and JS Gericke Library (University Library). Some of his passions are conducting research and developing young leaders. In his spare time, Annas enjoys reading, crossword puzzles and “old men’s marbles.”
Kristan Sharpley
Kristan SharpleyProgramme Coordinator
Kristan Sharpley is currently an Acting Assistant Residence Head at Academia, an affiliated residence at Stellenbosch University (SU). She holds a BA (International Studies) and BA (Hons) History degree and submitted her MA History thesis the end of 2019. Kristan has a keen interest in institutional history and understanding organisational culture. She is a Stellenbosch University Rectors Award recipient for Excellent Leadership and has served in numerous student structures across SU. Working at the FVZSI meets her passion for creativity and development, and her desire to formulate part of a dynamic, challenging, and critical thinking work environment. She thoroughly enjoys appreciating the outdoors, Sci-Fi TV series and immersing herself in the Stellenbosch wine region.
Nosipiwo Matiwane
Nosipiwo MatiwaneProgramme Administrator
Nosipiwo Matiwane is a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society for academic excellence and received her BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University. Currently, she is in the process of completing her Master’s degree in Social Anthropology. Her academic interests range from museum studies, black feminist praxis and higher education. Her active involvement in student politics has seen her participate in the Ubuntu Dialogues Fellowship, as part of the first cohort to travel to MSU in 2022. With a critical and analytical mind, she values pedagogical practices that are applicable to the real world, hence her excitement of joining the FVZSI in creating an important platform for collaborative learning and teaching.
Carla de Beer
Carla de BeerProgramme Administrator
Carla de Beer (She/her) is a BSc Agric graduate and is currently in the process of completing her Master’s in Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University. She has been involved in various structures on campus including LLL, TEDx and Student governance. She is interested in plants, nutrition, illustrating and music. She is motivated by curiosity, learning new things, and integrating knowledge in novel ways. She is a proud feminist and environmentalist and can be found in her garden on the weekends. She enjoys cooking, reading, beach swims and spending time with her people.

Course Coordinators

Pierré Müller
Pierré MüllerCourse Coordinator
Pierré Müller is the Course Cooridinator for the Metanoia Leadership Short Course. He is a final year LLB student at Stellenbosch University and aspires to be admitted as an attorney. His bucket list also includes pursuing an LLM & German Honors degree and to be a published legal author. In addition to his academic career, emphasizing his passion for leadership, he serves Metanoia residence as a House Committee Member with the goal to better the living experiences of his student community. Pierré also enjoys the theatre and amateurishly playing the piano. When not studying you’d find him in town enjoying a good cup of coffee or recharging in nature.
Anelmari Truter
Anelmari TruterCourse Coordinator
Anelmari obtained her BCom Law degree and is currently in her final year of postgraduate LLB. Anelmari is the course coordinator for Leadership in Law. She is passionate about the clear links between leadership and law and believes that every law student should develop their leadership potential in order to make a difference in the legal field. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, watching sport and reading a lot of books.
Carmi Scholtz
Carmi ScholtzCourse Coordinator
Second-year B.Sc. Human Life Science with a Psychology student and part of the 2020 mentor team of Academia. Carmi believes that leadership is more than simply just the position, but it is a skill within each of us, and we have the ability to influence everyone around us through our actions and behaviours. She loves to travel and her goal in life is to eventually move overseas and explore the world while living out her passion of working with and helping people wherever she can.
Lamla Mafundityala
Lamla MafundityalaStudent Assistant
Lamla Mafundityala recently graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work, majoring in Social Work and Psychology from the University of the Western Cape. As of the year 2020, he is currently doing LLB (3 Year) Postgrad at Stellenbosch University. While at the University of the Western Cape, he became a member of the Golden Key Honour Society in 2016. Lamla sees himself as someone that values being involved in the community that he lives in, hence, he took part in several extra-curricular activities such as co-facilitating a Computer literacy course/ Digital Academic Literacy, being a member of a residence house committee, assisting the University’s Alumni Relations Office at the University of the Western Cape to raise funds for academically deserving but financially constrained students. Currently, he works as a student at the FVZS Institute for Student Leadership Development. In his spare time, Lamla enjoys binge-watching series on Netflix and videos on YouTube and running.

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