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12279 - 878 (180) MSC GEOINFORMATICS

Admission Requirements:
A BScHons degree with Geoinformatics as a major and GIS training, or a BScHons degree with training in GIS. An average mark of 60% is required for the Honours degree.

- Specialised practical skills for the development and application of spatial technologies to the resolution and management of environmental problems, guided by advanced and progressive conceptual and theoretical thought needed to conduct scientific research.
- Ability to conduct independent empirical scientific research on geographical environmental or geo-information problems by the completion of a thesis.
- Practical consultation skills, a broad theoretical background and a demonstrated ability to do independent research and problem resolution on environmental, or geo-information themes.

Nature of programme:
The development, implementation, management and application of spatial technologies for managing resources and for spatial analysis and modelling of environmental geographical phenomena and problems

[split] Compulsory module:
12280 - (874 180) Thesis Geoinformatics
A thesis of 30 000 to 40 000 words, in which the ability to conduct research independently and to develop spatial technologies is demonstrated.

Assessment and examination:
A thesis is required. The programme is presented in English. All work may be presented in English or Afrikaans. The 100% thesis (64475 - 874) is examined according to the University's provisions in Part 1 of the calendar.

Programme co-ordinator: Prof A van Niekerk
021 808 3101 |
Universiteit Stellenbosch University