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49913 - 978 (360) PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies B

Admission requirements:
An MSc degree in Geography and Environmental Studies or a related discipline or a master's degree approved by Senate.

Programme structure and contents:
- Advanced knowledge and deep insight into the complexity of a selected geographical research problem
- A dissertation which places the research in a disciplinary context and contributes to the creation of new knowledge
- Ability to independently design and effectively manage complex systems and to communicate to and defend results among peers

Nature of programme:
The programme focuses on the study and resolution of environmental problems and phenomena from a spatial perspective. The dissertation research can be done full-time or part-time. The research topic is developed and approved by the Faculty.

[split] Dissertation :
A dissertation of approximately 90 000 words, in which the candidate shows the ability to create new knowledge or to reinterpret existing knowledge about a geographical environmental problem.

Assessment and formal provisions :
The dissertation may be presented in Afrikaans or English and is examined according to the University's prescriptions in Part 1 of the Calendar.

Prof SLA Ferreira
Tel: 021 808 3105

Universiteit Stellenbosch University