Letter from the Primarius

Dear Goldfielder

I would like to start off by congratulating you on your acceptance into both Goldfields Residence and Stellenbosch University!

Studying at Stellenbosch University means getting an education at a world-class institution. Living in Goldfields you will have the privilege of being a member of the oldest mixed-race, mixed-gender university residence in South Africa. You will be surrounded by history and peers who, together with you, will shape the future.

Goldfields offers you top-notch accommodation and the chance to excel in whatever direction your talents lie. It is a place where individuals can truly thrive. We embrace and encourage you to reach your full potential.

We realise that university life and living in a residence can be a big adjustment. I would like to assure you that you do not need to worry too much in this regard. The house committee, mentors and senior students are here to welcome you and to make you feel at home. Feel free to ask questions; we will gladly help!

The welcoming programme as planned by Jodi and MJ, aims to do just that – to welcome you to both Stellenbosch and Goldfields. The programme is aligned with the University’s overarching goals and is an embodiment of the four values that Goldfields holds dear: the interplay between freedom, unity, respect and responsibility. Throughout our programme we would like you to view us as equals and participate in the activities knowing that you are also free to sit out if you want to.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that your years here will be fruitful and fun!

Golden greetings


Rowan Page

Primarius 2014/2015

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