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“The role of the academic tutor is to assist newcomers in adjusting to the shift in workload (in their respective courses) which is seen from school to university.”

Hippokrates is a mixed residence which can accommodate 270 students in the form of 70 double rooms and 130 single rooms. Each floor (with exception of the ground floor) is divided into 2 sections, both with single and double rooms. There are a total of 6 floors with 10 sections. First and second-year students usually occupy double rooms and seniors, single rooms.

Each room has electrical wall plugs, a built-in cupboard, desk, a chair, a bed, a mattress, curtains and a computer network point with internet access capabilities. In each double room there is a set of the aforementioned for each student. It is advisable to bring your own desk lamp and coat hangers.

The use of a laundry room is also available, equipped with washing machines as well as dryers. The cost of utilizing these machines is automatically charged onto your student account. These facilities are also available as a laundry service during the day, where you can leave your washing to be done while you are in class.

Hippokrates, as for all residences on Tygerberg, does not have a dining hall where residents eat together, but there are 2 sets of hotplates where residents can prepare their own meals in each section. Microwaves and fridges are not provided. The Cafeteria in the Tygerberg Student Centre provides a cheap and easy alternative to preparing your own meals. These prepared meals can be charged to your student account at very reasonable prices.

Telephone and fax facilities are available, and letters can be mailed to: Students NAME, Hippokrates koshuis, Tygerberg campus, Parow Valley, 7505.

Parking facilities are available on campus close to Hippokrates. There are car guards present 24/7, and newcomers are welcome to bring their vehicles to the campus.

Newcomers will be divided into both an academic tutor group as well as a general mentor group.

The role of the academic tutor is to assist newcomers in adjusting to the shift in workload (in their respective courses) which is seen from school to university. First years meet with their tutor during the first academic week, and will from there onwards continue to do so weekly throughout the year. These tutors are mostly in their second year of studying and have been selected for the position based on their academic achievement in during the previous year.

The general mentor fulfills the role of helping newcomers adjust to all the aspects of university life – other than academics. We firmly believe in following a balanced lifestyle and know that varsity is about so much more than just receiving a degree. The first years meet their mentors on the first day of the welcoming program, and have formal contact sessions with their mentors for the duration of the welcoming program, as well as throughout the rest of the year.

Additional services and facilities on campus include:

  • The Tygerberg Student Centre (also known as the TSS) with an ABSA ATM and an ABSA student bureau within walking distance.
  • A Van Schaiks book store and Student Service Office that stocks all the supplies you require as a Health Sciences student.
  • Sports fields (rugby/hockey/soccer), 4 tennis courts, squash courts, a gymnasium and a swimming pool.
  • Student Health Services (i.e. a doctor, nurse and psychologist) and the Centre for Student Guidance and Development (021 808 8858).

Should you require any further information about Hippokrates Koshuis and Campus life, feel free to contact us:

Residence Head

Mr. Johan Groenewald
082 770 9107


Christopher de Blocq van Scheltinga
072 918 7444


Tevarus Naicker
084 942 0461

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