Tygerberg United for GOD.

Tygerberg United for God … and united we shall stand.

On the evening of the 9th of May the TSS was packed with students fired up to worship God; so packed in fact that even more chairs had to be fetched to seat the number of people streaming in.

The night kicked off with singing, dancing and insane worship with the Hillsong band leading the choir. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” and freedom there was. The atmosphere just shifted with the freedom to praise God. The enthusiasm and energy of the band really inspired everyone to freely worship ‘out of the box’.

Shawn Basson from Kingdom Light Ministries had the opportunity to speak and delivered an amazing message. We love God because He loved us first. We are the chosen generation, His most beloved children. Our father is the God father, King of kings, Lord of lords. Looking at Him, we are transformed into the same image by the Spirit living within. Let us start living from Him, let Him love through us, because we are the only heaven some people will see.

The night ended off with another round of epic worship. “Giving it all away, away. Giving it all, to go your way.”
Massive things are happening on campus. God has really blessed Tygerberg and a wave of change has been coming for a while now.

T.U.G was just such a confirmation: God has a heart for this campus and our hearts beat for God.

Frans Pretorius.