Hippokratus (1171)Christopher de Blocq van Scheltinga

Message from the Primarius

So, what is this Hippokrates thing? Hippokrates is more than just a
bunch of walls, cool name and a roof. It’s more than a bunch of young
Stellies students living in close proximity to one another. Hippokrates is
a community, brotherhood and sisterhood intertwined that not only
links those living in the building right now, but all those that have been
privileged enough to have experienced life within this res’s walls. It’s
the bond that binds us all, formed through tough and fun times.
A bond highlighted by our values: Respect, Dignity, Diversity,
Transparency and Excellence.

There are people from all over, here, and not just geographically. We
are all meeting here in Hippo, at different points on our own paths and
this diversity of perspective is what makes this place as awesome as it
is. Guys and girls live amongst each other in 5 female and 5 male
sections. This interaction allows for fantastic life opportunities, where
we learn how to interact with one another primarily as people – with
respect and dignity, no matter their circumstances.
Hippokrates is a residence with a long and rich history. We are a
residence that will be turning 40 years old in 2016 and with this comes a
longstanding reputation in medical circles, on main campus and on
Tygerberg campus as one of the most prestigious identities to have. We
are well known on main campus as a residence of excellence.

We have a reputation for being good in every aspect of residence life
and evidence of this is seen in our achievements on the sports fields,
winning kleinsêr nationally (if you don’t know what it is, go Google
Hippokrates dames kleinsêr 2015), our culture evenings and in the
quality of men or women that leave Hippo after experiencing this
environment. Medics sport is also of top quality with many divisions
winning their various competitions last year and the years before that.
These are but a couple of highlights of which there are many..
Academically we are a strong residence with many renowned specialists
in all areas of the health sciences having had their roots in Hippokrates.
It is not uncommon for one of your lecturers or doctors in hospital to be
an old Hippokrates resident, just go ask the vice-chancellor!
All of this said, we’re not just about results. Sure, excellence is
something to strive for, but when the glory of victory over others fades
you find what Hippo’s gees is really based in. It is a home to an
extremely diverse family of talented, empowered and skilled young men
and women who have a unique opportunity to make a positive
difference in South Africa. There are very few other environments
where health sciences students get to form a covalent network like
ours; a network with the potential to change the world as we know it.
We are welcoming you to this network.
I’m sure you’re itching to get moving on your journey through university
and Hippo looks forward to being with you every step of the way.
Whether you love sports, music, or spending a moment relaxing alone or
with friends between classes, Hippokrates is the place. So from us as a
house committee, and as residents, we wish you and your family a
blessed and safe December holiday and we look forward to welcoming
you into our Hippokrates family!

Yours sincerely,
Christopher de Blocq van Scheltinga
Hippokrates Primarius 2015/16

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