Stellenbosch University's HIV policy

Stellenbosch University recognises that HIV and Aids are serious public health problems that have personal, socio-economic, employment and human rights implications. The University’s management, institutional units, staff and students share a vision of no new HIV infections on campus by 2012.

The Stellenbosch University’s HIV policy for staff and students set out guidelines for

  • creating a non-discriminatory work and academic environment;
  • HIV testing, confidentiality and disclosure;
  • providing equitable employee benefits;
  • preventing and handling incidents of exposure to HIV during injury at work;
  • dealing with dismissals; and
  • managing grievance procedures.

This policy is also intended to promote equality and non-discrimination between HIV-infected staff and students and those without the virus, create a supportive work and academic environment for HIV-positive staff and students, and protect the human rights and dignity of people living with HIV and Aids.

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