The OIHC Team

The team from the Office for Institutional HIV Co-ordination (OIHC) shares a passion for HIV and AIDS and a commitment to address HIV and AIDS within Higher Education. The 3 permanent staff members were appointed to drive the various components of Stellenbosch University’s comprehensive institutional HIV response.

Adrian Paulse (Administrative officer)
Adrian Paulse is responsible for the administrative and financial management of all projects within the office and acts as the first contact at the OIHC. Tel: 021 808 3136.

Michelle Munro (Acting Head OIHC)
Michelle Munro oversees all institutional HIV activities and is responsible for the strategic coordination and implementation of the HIV response at SU and co-ordinates institutional HIV curriculum development within various academic departments. She is also responsible for the development, facilitation, co-ordination and evaluation of HIV training programmes presented to local, national and international participants as well as the development of HIV e-learning modules for students and staff. She has a special research interest in HIV curriculum development within the Higher Education context. Tel: 021 808 3551.

Jaco Brink (Co-ordinator: HIV Prevention Programmes)
Jaco Brink is responsible for the coordination of HIV prevention programmes targeting students. These programmes include HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaigns, Peer Education, community interaction and service learning. Additionally, he is an experienced trainer/facilitator and is involved in various communication and training activities related to sexuality and discrimination. He has a special research interest in male sexual health issues at SU. Jaco developed a national survey tool on the sexual behaviour of students which is being implemented at 14 higher education institutions in SA. Tel: 021 808 2865.


Malan van der Walt (Student Programme Coordinator: LGBTQI/MSM)
Malan van der Walt implements a NACOSA and Global Fund project specifically aimed at the key student population representing the LGBTQI and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) community. This includes support, HIV testing, counselling, referrals and sensitisation training/workshops. Contact him for more info and support. Tel: 021 808 3308.