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Antbase - Species lists, descriptions, literature, pictures, etc.:

Ants of Africa:

Ants of the Western Cape - Peter Slingsby's user-friendly website showing collection methods, identification and interesting facts regarding Western Cape ant species, along with his realistic drawings:

AntWeb - Online database of images, specimen records and natural history records of ants of the world:
AntWeb Ant Blog: 

BBC Nature - Ant videos, news and facts:

Formis - Bibliography of ant literature:

Electronic book on ant biology (with funny cartoons!):

Agosti et al. (2000) Ants: Standard Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity. Smithsonian Institution Press. Information on collecting methods and the use of indicator species. Free download from:

Convention on Biological Diversity Handbook (the 3rd Edition):

IUCN Red lists:

Aerial photographs: can be linked with antbase

South Africa National Parks:

Cape Nature Conservation:

Matt Cole Photography:

Barcode of Life:

Myrmecological News - Ant research journal: