Iimbovane geared up for 2011! Print

With a team buzzing with energy and learners with endless enthusiasm, the Iimbovane Project is looking forward to a year filled with fieldwork, fun and new discoveries!

To set the year in motion, Iimbovane is preparing to add more schools to their subscription programme; an important initiative that will see several new educators and learners benefitting from this project in more ways than one. Educators can look forward to a number of training sessions, some of which will provide in-depth scientific insight and others of a more practical nature to help educators revive life sciences at their schools.

Learners will not be left out of the fun as Iimbovane has many interesting activities planned out for them this year. They can look forward to a number of fieldtrips where running after ants and crawling on the grass will be the order of the day, followed by analytical exercises that will sharpen their arithmetic skills. The school holidays will see an Iimbovane learner camp whereby learners will explore South African biodiversity during field excursions. Evenings will be spiced up with an assortment of debates/discussions on environmental issues affecting our communities and practical solutions to these issues, all around a braai! Ultimately, this camp will serve to give learners an all rounded perspective on biodiversity science as well as the urgent need to protect and preserve our beautiful biodiversity.

With so many exciting events coming up this year, both educators and learners can look forward to a rewarding fun-filled and educational experience with Iimbovane. Watch this space for future updates as the year progresses.