AfriSam awards funding to the Iimbovane Outreach Project Print

The Iimbovane Outreach Project, an initiative of the Centre for Invasion Biology, which aims to educate school learners about biodiversity and environmental change by using ants as indicator species, has received a very generous grant from AfriSam to continue their work in Western Cape schools.

Ever since its launch in 2006 the Iimbovane project has been a shining example of how school learners can contribute to scientific research by getting involved in data collection activities. The grant which has been awarded for the next two years, will allow Grade 10 learners from 18 schools to assist C·I·B scientists with the collection of ant data. Through their active participation, the learners get a better understanding of the scientific method and a sense of appreciation for the smaller taxa.

The grant will be used to support learner development workshops; learner visits to participating schools; biodiversity lessons and fieldwork; equipment donations to classrooms and learner visits to the Iimbovane ant identification laboratory. Life Science educators can also look forward to several training opportunities to clarify the concept of biodiversity science, its significance and more generally to improve the quality of biodiversity science teaching in classrooms.

AfriSam is the leading black-controlled building construction materials group in Southern Africa with operations in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Besides its core business, AfriSam firmly believes in the protection of the environment and the education of the country’s youth. For this reason the company has an intensive corporate social responsibility programme with a focus on education and conservation.