PowerPoint for conference presentations

This new workshop is suitable for postgraduate students wishing to learn how to create good PowerPoint slides for formal presentation purposes.


This workshop is for beginners and intermediate PowerPoint level postgraduate students. It covers how to use the following PowerPoint functions effectively:

  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation, starting from scratch
  • Explore the PowerPoint interface - know where to find what
  • Insert text and work with text boxes
  • Add new slides with different layouts
  • Insert and edit pictures and shapes
  • Be aware of design issues for a good presentation
  • Streamline one's workflow in PowerPoint (working more effectively)
  • Work with images, charts and graphs
  • Work with SmartArt
  • Insert hyperlinks and navigation links to other slides in PowerPoint or jump to a website
  • Work with transitions and animations
  • Package one's file effectively


Free to registered postgraduate students.

Target Audience

SU postgraduate students who are working on a formal academic presentation and who need the skills to produce academically sound PowerPoint slides.


Stellenbosch campus, classrooms to be confirmed with participants 1 week before the set workshop date.