Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be a confusing topic for students, especially when they are expected to build on the work of other scholars in their field. Many find it challenging creating an original piece of work, while still relying on the research output of other scholars.
This workshop illustrates the principles of sound academic writing, which when followed, make plagiarism highly unlikely. This half day workshop will show you how to avoid plagiarism through practical exercises and examples that illustrate how to explain your work in relation to that of other scholars - taking ethical principles and practices into consideration, as well as using correct referencing and paraphrasing techniques.
The workshop covers:
(i)  Introduction to research integrity and ethical scientific writing.
(ii) Practical exercises illustrating what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.
(iii) How to use the software tool Turnitin to check your own work for possible plagiarism before handing it in.
The workshop is presented in English.
Free to registered Postgraduate Students.
Target Audience:
Current Honours, Masters and PhD students at Stellenbosch, especially those who are in the process of writing their proposals or literature reviews and want to know how to apply sound academic writing principles.
To be confirmed with registered students.