Article Writing Workshop: Preparation for Publication

Publishing work in accredited journals is a daunting task for many academics. Although academics are aware of the imperative to publish, they often fail to do so due to being ill-prepared for the task (Murray et al. 2008). Often students are familiar with dissertation writing but they may not have been exposed to the “how to” of writing for publication.

The aim of this workshop, facilitated by Dr Ruth Albertyn, is twofold:  to introduce postgraduate students to this genre of writing and to help postgraduate students prepare for writing for publication.

Content related to the following aspects will be covered:

The publication context
The process of publication
Journal selection
Joining the scholarly discourse
Skills for the task
Planning for publication
Requirements for this workshop:
Applicants should ...
be Masters or Doctoral students who are currently busy with their  studies and who  have  some section of their work already completed or close to  completion 
have an abstract/executive summary of 100 words (max) for an article based on this  completed  research (a title and three keywords to be included)
have an example of the guidelines for authors of the journal in which you could consider  publishing (consult your supervisor/colleagues for advice)
have a laptop to use during the workshop and an extension cord (let us know if this requirement is problematic - we will see where we can help)
The workshop is presented in English.

Free to registered Masters and Doctoral students or staff.

To be confirmed with registered students