Summer School in Stellenbosch (SU Students)

Stellenbosch University's Postgraduate and International Office hosts every year an international summer (winter) school during the June and July holidays. Most of the students attending the summer school come from the United States, Europe and Asia. Stellenbosch University students will also be able to apply to attend the IPSU Summer School.

Stellenbosch University students who are successful in their application will receive a full bursary from the Postgraduate & International Office to attend the IPSU Summer School. The bursary covers your accommodation, course fees, meals (breakfast and meal stipend) and scheduled excursions.

The requirements for the application are the following:

  1. Complete online application form
  2. Submit a Character reference letter

Application deadline: 8 May 2015 (Only applicable to Stellenbosch University students.)

To apply click on the following link:

Academic Offering:

The theme of the IPSU Summer School is "20 years on: the challenges of a young democracy", and the summer school consist of the following three academic streams":

Option 1 - General 4-Week Programme

12 June to 11 July

Option 2 - Learning, Sustainability and Community Engagement

12 June to 17 July

Option 3 - Doing Business in Southern Africa

12 June to 17 July 


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