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Irene & Huis Marais – “JOOL” 2012

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At around 10:30pm on Monday, 29 August 2011, the Irene ladies eagerly gathered around outside the front door. The men of Huis Marais arrived wearing green and stood in formation on the front lawn. After a week of spading, the boys had finally realised that Irene is the best ladies’ residence on campus.

The new Primarius of Huis Marais, Franco Marais, stepped forward and officially asked Irene to be their partners for “JOOL” 2012. With true Irene spirit, we responded with cheer! To celebrate, Huis Marais’s HK presented Irene’s HK with a bottle of bubbly.

The boys then proceeded to serenade Irene and at the end of the song, theatrically pulled their underwear out of their jeans! Before leaving, they placed the undies in the formation of a question mark on the front lawn. Needless to say, we were impressed.

The Ireners quickly agreed that Huis Marais is the perfect partner for JOOL 2012. Every Irener nearby with a cellphone then smsed “YES” to Huis Marais’s Primarius, flooding his phone with messages. The girls then answered in person by lying on Huis Marais’s front lawn in the shape of the word “JA” and also decorated their residence with yellow banners.

With that, we are proud to announce that Huis Marais and Irene are official partners for “JOOL” 2012.

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Ontruiming – what’s happening?

Category : Deadlines , General News

As I am sure most of you are aware, Ontruiming (also known as Evacuation) has become a pressing issue in the last few days.  Especially after the incorrect and unauthorised mass email that was sent out this morning.

At the beginning of the year the 2010/2011 Prim Committee saw Evacuation as a matter that needed to be addressed with regards to regulations and procedures.  The 2010/2011 Prim Committee thus met with Commercial Services and  discussed the drafting of a document regulating Evacuation procedures, as well as setting out a fair system of remuneration with regards to those who evacuate.  A draft document was then adapted to state that all residences would be required to evacuate for all University holidays (now including March and September holidays), without any exceptions.

This Draft Evacuation Policy was discussed by the 2010/2011 Prim Committee, at the Prim Committee Meeting, on 19 April; consensus was found by the 2010/2011 Prim Committee, that there was approval with regards to the procedures set out in the policy; and that there was approval with regards to the remuneration system for evacuation (this remuneration system, entails that each residence is remunerated per bed they make available during evacuation, whether used or not in the holidays); but that with regards to all residences having to evacuate for every University holiday, there was disapproval.  The 2010/2011 Prim Committee thus did not accept this Evacuation Policy as a whole.

However it is important to note that this Evacuation Policy, will be operational until the end of 2012. It was drafted as a temporary solution to the pertinent problem of evacuation.  It is aimed that in the course of next year a Task Team will be assembled to evaluate the whole process and system of Evacuation, seeing if it is still a viable option for our students and campus; thus critically looking at the advantages and disadvantages to not only the University, but to all resident students on campus.

Now you’re probably wondering about what all this information means for now, it means the following:

  • All residences will have to evacuate for September;
  • There are numerous outside groups that have already booked in for the holidays, thus no change is possible now;
  • As far as remuneration is concerned: in terms of the Provisional Evacuation Policy all residences that evacuate now in September (which is everyone) will receive remuneration, allocated per bed (according to the beds made available);
  • According to the Provisional Evacuation Policy: storerooms are to be made available on each level for use by residents in each University holiday;
  • To clarify: Storerooms will still be available in December holidays, although rooms will not be able to be used as storerooms in this time, due to maintenance, etc.
  • It is also important to note that Tygerberg campus and residences have their own procedures with regards to evacuation; thus this Evacuation Policy is applicable to Stellenbosch Campus only.  (We trust that the Tygerberg Prims will pass this information on as well.)
  • One will be able to live in the open residence in September: if for academic reasons accommodation is free, if for personal reasons one will pay R94.00 per day

The Prim Committee as well as the SRC 2011/2012 would like to assure you that we are handling this matter as best we can and are taking the best interests of students and the University forward.

Written by: Angelique Mills, PK Vice-Chairperson 2011/2012

All Ireners are required to evacuate Irene by 9am on Saturday, 3 September. The stay-in residences are Huis Ten Bosch, Minerva and Lydia.

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Huisdans 2011: Winter Wonderland

Category : General News

The ladies of Irene once again showed everyone what it means to be a “dame met styl” at Irene’s annual Huisdans at Nelson’s Creek Wine Estate on Friday, 19 August 2011.

Upon arrival, guests received exotic blue shooters in custom-made Irene shot glasses accompanied by delicious snack platters. The hall was glamorously decorated with a winter wonderland theme (fitting the icy weather outside). White drapes, blue organza, candles, fairy lights and silver trimmings all contributed to a beautiful venue.

Ireners kept the photographers very busy throughout the night at the snowflake backdrops, showing off some stunning outfits. Irene ladies are known to only take extremely good-looking dates, and this year, the boys really looked hot!

After the HK opened the dance floor, everyone was up on their feet partying the night away. The only intermission was taken when the most delicious 3-course meal was served. Food at dances is known to be sparse, but this year, it was amazing!

Congratulations and thank you to Salomie Bosman and the Huisdans committee who organised this fantastic evening. The dance was a great success and is going to be extremely difficult to top next year!

Written by: Leanne Pienaar