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Hennedinee – ARRRREE you a pirate?

Category : Irene Events

Irene hosted their annual Hennedinee on Wednesday, 28 September 2011. The 2nd years’ committee did an amazing job decorating and the food was fit for plunder! The Pirate theme went down ironically well with the “dames met styl”. Every Irener who attended was able to bring out their dangerous side – eyeliner scars, plastic swords, bandanas, eye-patches and eye-shadow bruises were all the rage. The palm leaf photo corner was constantly busy with grinning Ireners flexing their guns and the photographer was sufficiently scared . The evening continued with great gusto and spirit through the awards ceremony.

And the winner is…

Award Junior Senior
Bankie Vryer Salomi Dippenaar Justine Minnaar
Bib/SS Wurm Lizelle Van Wyk Jone Basson
Dame Met Styl Cecile Dixon Dalene Britz
Dowwe Dolla Richelle Du Preez Mia Du Bois
Eksie Perfeksie Cecile Dixon Elnari Potgieter
Fashion Sista Teoda Marcus Dalene Britz
Fitness Freak Zilke Taylor Elnari Potgieter
Individualis Teoda Marcus Khanya Visser
Kultuur Dier Liesl Mauermann & Mare Coetzee Mri Cloete
Loud & Proud Poexie Lloyd Joanna Melle
Mej Bene Emily Kempton-Jones Misha Davies
Mej Sonskyn Salomi Dippenaar Claudia Gouws
Moederhen Salomi Dippenaar Hesme Van Zyl
Phone Addict Anele Gouws Leanne Pienaar
Slaapkous Chane Bunning Alexa Van Tonder
Sosiale Vlinder Poexie Lloyd Yolandi Louw
Super Sluiper Carissa Bleker Crisna Coetzee
TV Plus Lee-Zay Michaels Irene Le Roux
Helshoogte Hoender Zilke Taylor Sanrie Visagie
Swarra van die Jaar Lizbe Botes Juliene Terblanche
Kamermaats van die Jaar Jani Hattingh & Lizbe Botes Laura Leckie & Lisa Fortuin
HK van die Jaar Salomie Bosman
Senior van die Jaar Leanne Pienaar
Junior van die Jaar Jani Hattingh

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Dalai Lama denied visa to South Africa

Category : General News

Beste Mede-Maties

Hiermee word jy hartlik uitgenooi om saam met die SR op Vrydag, 7 Oktober, 13:00 op die Rooiplein bymekaar te

kom waar ons ‘n ope brief aan President Jacob Zuma gaan voorlê. Dit is in protes teen die regering se
onbereidwilligheid om aan die Dalai Lama ‘n visum uit te reik om ons land te besoek.

Die Dalai Lama, geestelik leier van Tibet en ontvanger vir ‘n Nobelprys vir Vrede, het beplan om Suid-Afrika te
besoek hierdie week om deel te wees Emeritus Aartbiskop Desmond Tutu se 80ste versjaarsdagvieringe.
Onbekend aan die meeste, is dat hy ook ‘n uitnodiging aanvaar het om Universiteit Stellenbosch te besoek.
Hy sou more studente toegespreek het aangaande die tema van menseregte en demokrasie.

Ons glo dat die nie-goedkeuring van sy visum Suid-Afrika van ‘n geleentheid ontneem en meer spesifiek ons
Universiteit en ons studente van ‘n geleentheid ontneem.  Een van die hoekstene van ons Hoop Projek is die
bevordering van menseregte en demokrasie. Dus is dit vir ons onmoontlik om stilt e bly rakende hierdie kwessie.

Dus het ons besluit om ‘n ope brief aan ons land se President te skryf en om ons teleurstelling en mismoë uit
te spreek. Elke Matie word uitgenooi om more saam met ons standpunt in te neem en ons vra vir elke student
en fakulteitslid om more geel te dra as ‘n teken van protes.

Vrydag, die 7de Oktober, is ‘Yellow Friday’.


Die Studenteraad van die Universiteit van Stellenbosch


Dear fellow Maties

You are hereby cordially invited to join the SRc on Friday, the 7th of October, at 13:00 on the Rooiplein, as we present
an open letter to President Jacob Zuma in protest of the government’s unwillingness to grant his Holiness, the Dalai
Lama, a visa to visit our country.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and Noble peace prize laureate, planned to visit
South Africa this week to be part of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday celebrations.  What might be unknown
to most is that He had also accepted an invitation to visit Stellenbosch University and would have addressed our
students on the theme of human rights and democracy on Friday, the 7th of October.

We believe that by not allowing His Holiness to visit our country, we have missed a golden opportunity, not only for
our country, but specifically for our University and for our students.  One of the cornerstones of our University’s Hope Project is the promotion of democracy and human rights, which makes it impossible for us as University to keep silent on this matter.

We have therefore decided to write an open letter to our country’s president and voice our sadness and disillusionment.  Every Matie is invited to join us tomorrow and to take a stance.  We are also asking that students and faculty wear yellow throughout the day as a sign of protest.

Friday, the 7th of October, is Yellow Friday.

Yours sincerely,

The Student Representative Council of Stellenbosch University

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MTV & Firecracker Films unite against bullying

Category : General News

Have you been the victim of bullying or are you currently being bullied? Do you have an inspirational story that’s seen you overcome your abuse? Would you like the chance to share your experiences?

MTV and Firecracker Films are making a powerful and groundbreaking film that explores the universal stories of young people all over the world who have been affected by bullying, and gives a voice to those who want to make a stand.

So, if you’ve been bullied, are being bullied at the moment or have a story that will give others hope then please get in touch, as our experienced team would love to hear from you. There is absolutely no obligation to take part – we’d just like to tell you more about the project and see if it’s something you’d like to be involved in. And don’t worry it won’t involve lots of intrusive filming either. All correspondence will be dealt with in total confidence.

We believe this project is important and unique in giving a voice to those who have fallen victim to bullying – thanks and we hope to hear from you soon.

You can contact us at:

  • or
  • or
  • by phone on +44 (0)207 349 3492.