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Stellenbosch Campus

Stellenbosch University Welcoming Programme

Category : First Years

Dear First Years 2012

You can download the Stellenbosch University Welcoming Programme here.
You can also view it online at: (English) or (Afrikaans)

Please note: This booklet is applicable for ALL SU students. Irene will be sending you our own specialised welcoming booklet soon.

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Information regarding US building plans

Category : General News

Beste Ireners

Soos jul bewus is, word daar verskeie planne in die vooruitsig gestel om aanbouings op kampus te doen vanaf 2012. Kommunikasie oor hierdie proses aan alle rolspelers en veral studente is van uiterste belang. ‘n Webbladsy is in die proses om ontwerp te word – spesifiek vir kommunikasie rondom die aanbouings. Vanuit SSG sal daar ook in Desember ‘n generiese brief aan elke eerstejaar gaan om hul hieroor in te lig.

Kliek hier vir die inligting dokument oor die bouproses.

Dear Ireners

As you are aware, there has been discussions and planning for the possibility of building on campus from 2012. Communication about this process to all role players, specifically students, is of the utmost importance. A website is being developed, specifically for communication about the building processes. From the Centre for Student Communities there will also be a generic letter going out to all first years to inform them about the building processes.

Click here for the information document about the building process.

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Mission 2012: Challenge Accepted

Category : HK

The HK of 2011/2012 have decided to adopt a short mission statement to summarise our goals and aspirations for the next year.

Irene is facing many challenges in 2012 such as the employment of a new resident head, building extensions and the new welcoming period (MAD2). We see these upcoming changes as a chance for us to grow as individuals and generate new initiatives for our residence. Irene therefore accepts the challenge to integrate academics, sport, culture and social aspects into our daily lives within the context of the coming changes.

The SRc’s vision for 2012 is “Go Beyond.” Irene accepts the challenge to go beyond expectations. Through critical thinking and discussion, we aim to help each individual Irener reach their full potential and realise that there is no limit to what they are capable of achieving. By remaining positive and success driven, we believe that Ireners are capable of anything.