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Irene in 2013

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Excitement awaits Irene in 2013! The “Dames met Styl” are at the forefront of a university wide expansion project. The construction process starts this summer and stretches to the end of October 2013. The “old” Irene will be renovated and a brand new wing constructed. We gain 100 beds during the next year, therefore Irene will house 271 ladies in 2014.

Due to the big scale of the project, we unfortunately will not be able to have our 50-year reunion in 2013. However, once the construction is completed, we will celebrate in 2014 with a Reunion/Housewarming combination. We invite all alumni of Irene to join us for the celebration. We will contact you during the next year.

Please keep watching this website for updated information regarding the construction process.

Contact for all enquiries.


Groot opwinding wag vir Irene in 2013! Die “Dames met Styl” is aan die voorpunt van ‘n universiteits-wye uitbreidingsprojek. Die bouproses begin hierdie somer en strek tot die einde van Oktober 2013. Die bestaande Irene word opgeknap en ‘n ​​splinternuwe vleuel word aangebou. Ons kry 100 ekstra beddens, sodat ons ​​271 Irene dames sal kan huisves  in 2014.

As gevolg van die groot skaal van die projek, sal ons ongelukkig nie in staat wees om ons 50-jaar reünie in 2013 te vier nie. Sodra die projek voltooi is, sal ons dus in 2014 met ‘n Reünie/Daknatmaak kombinasie feesvier. Ons nooi alle oud-Ireners uit om by ons aan te sluit vir die vieringe. Ons sal u gedurende 2013 kontak.

Hou hierdie webtuiste dop vir meer inligting oor die bouproses.

Kontak vir alle navrae.

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Leanne keeps inspiring!

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We are very proud to celebrate the academic achievements of one of the legends of Irene, Leanne Pienaar. Primaria of 2011/2012 and a final year Electrical and Electronic Engineering (E&E) student, Leanne certainly is not scared of a challenge.

Her final year project (“skripsie”) is entitled SEESAW, which stands for Synchronized Electronic Entertainment System using Android and Wi-Fi. It is a game system that demonstrates the ability to wirelessly interface a physical system with a mobile platform, such as a cell phone. This is useful because technology is becoming increasingly more mobile, which has led to a very high expectation of what a cell phone can do these days. With this technology, it would therefore be possible to control household electrical lights, gates, garage doors and entertainment systems all conveniently from a mobile phone.

For the more technically inclined: The physical system that SEESAW uses to demonstrate this concept is a mechanical labyrinth table capable of two-axis rotation. Motors driven by an Arduino development board are used to rotate the labyrinth about the x- and y-axis. The aim of the game is to guide a ball from the start of the maze to the end of the maze by tilting the labyrinth accordingly. To make the game challenging, there are also a number of trap-holes where the ball could fall through the maze. The game is played by tilting a mobile phone, which wirelessly tilts the labyrinth at corresponding angles in real-time. A Wi-Fi router programmed with embedded Linux, OpenWRT, is used to facilitate wireless communication between the Android mobile phone and the labyrinth control circuitry.

Leanne was chosen to represent Stellenbosch University in the Regional SAIEE (South African Institute for Electrical Engineers) student project competition on 8 November and came 1st, beating CPUT and UCT. On 22 November, she participated in the National SAIEE student project competition with SEESAW and was awarded 2nd place, with the University of Pretoria coming 1st. Her total prize money was R4500.

What’s next for Leanne? We are happy that she will be staying in Stellenbosch next year, doing her Masters degree in Engineering in the E&E Department’s ESL (Electronic Systems Laboratory) after being awarded a bursary from Airbus.

Leanne, we are very proud of you and we wish you all the best for this next phase! 🙂

Watch a video of SEESAW here.

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First Years / Eerstejaars 2013

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Dear Irene First Year 2013

We are extremely excited to meet you next year and we have put together an information booklet for you to download. Please read through the information booklet before you arrive at Irene next year.

Below is a .zip folder that you can download. The folder includes the official information booklet, a Roommate Quiz, a Mentor Questionnaire and a “Sentebrief” / Cents form. We would like you to collect money (in cents) over the holidays until every block on the form is ticked off. Complete as many forms as possible. Please remember to bring the forms and the money with you when you move in next year.

Click Here to download the .zip folder.

You can download another example of a “sentebrief” / Cents form below. You can use either or both of the two forms.

Click Here to download alternate “sentebrief” / Cents form (Word doc).

Enjoy the holidays!


Irene HK and Mentors 2012/2013