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Hennedinee: Irene Horror Story

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During the month of September the newly elected 2nd years’ committee hosted our annual Hennedinee. The “Irene Horror story” theme had the girls dressed up in their favourite horror movie costumes, with lots of pale faces, fake blood and objects stuck in body parts.

Eendrag’s Plutosêr serenaded us with a performance and the 2nd years committee also entertained with the all famous Thriller dance by Michael Jackson. Awards were handed out in various categories, with “Roommates of the Year” being the most coveted prize amongst both the senior and junior residents.


Awards given at Hennedinee

The evening was a great success with lots of laughs, popcorn and terrifying theme music. The organising committee did a wonderful job and can be proud of their event. We cannot wait to see what next year has in store…

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