First Years / Eerstejaars 2013

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First Years / Eerstejaars 2013

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Dear Irene First Year 2013

We are extremely excited to meet you next year and we have put together an information booklet for you to download. Please read through the information booklet before you arrive at Irene next year.

Below is a .zip folder that you can download. The folder includes the official information booklet, a Roommate Quiz, a Mentor Questionnaire and a “Sentebrief” / Cents form. We would like you to collect money (in cents) over the holidays until every block on the form is ticked off. Complete as many forms as possible. Please remember to bring the forms and the money with you when you move in next year.

Click Here to download the .zip folder.

You can download another example of a “sentebrief” / Cents form below. You can use either or both of the two forms.

Click Here to download alternate “sentebrief” / Cents form (Word doc).

Enjoy the holidays!


Irene HK and Mentors 2012/2013


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