MAD² is a new initiative and is equivalent to JOOL or RAG. It is focused on the community and it’s main focus is on Maties Community Service.

MAD² 2015

In this year, Irene will be partnering with the men from the White House, Simonsberg. We are truly excited to work with them and hope that the relationships we build with them will last much longer than the MAD² period.

MAD² 2014

Irene’s MAD² partners for 2014 was Pieke Manswyk. The overall theme for MAD² was Instamoment, with a large focus on social media. Irene and Pieke created Life of Pi as our main theme.

At the MAD² ball, the partnership achieved the following positions in different categories:

  • 1st Position- Marketing
  • 2nd Position- Green
  •  4th Position- Safety

We would like to thank all the committees who helped with all preparations during this time. It is truly appreciated.


MAD² 2013

Irene’s MAD² partner for 2013 was Huis Visser. We were very excited to work together to Make A Difference in our community. The broad theme for MAD² this year was “HEROtoons” (Superheroes & Cartoons). Out of this main theme, Irene and Huis Irene created V.I.P. (Visser Irene Productions) as theme for Vensters, Bondelsport and March for Madness.

  • 1st position: Big Bleed
  • 5th position: Akkerjol sales
  • 8th position: MAD2 Cup
  • 8th position: Randbeker
  • 8th position: Bondelsport Overall
  • 9th position: Safety
  • 9th position: Media and Marketing
  • 10th position: March for Madness
  • 11th position: Bondelsport Gees
  • 16th position: Geesbeker
  • 17th position: March for Madness Gees
  • 18th position: Vensters


MAD2 2012

Irene’s MAD² partner for 2012 was Huis Marais! It was a good partnership from the get-go. The broad theme for MAD² in 2012 was “Glocal” (Global + Local). Irene and Huis Marais chose “I am HoMe” as the subtheme for the events during MAD2. In the end Irene & Huis Marais placed 6th overall for MAD² 2012.

Irene & Huis Marais achieved the following places in the competition:

    • 1st position: Big Bleed
    • 2nd position: Bondelsport gees
    • 6th position: Safety
    • 8th position: Bondelsport Overall
    • 9th position: Vensters
    • 9th position: Geesbeker
    • 18th position: March for Madness

JOOL 2011

Irene’s JOOL-partner for 2011 was Helderberg! Irene and Helderberg worked together, tirelessly during the JOOL period to ensure the success of every event. Every first year was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to take part in everything that we have to offer. We did extremely well in the competition, raising money for Maties Community Service, and achieving a 4th place overall in the JOOLbeker. Click Here to see photos of JOOL 2011.

Irene & Helderberg achieved the following places in the competition:

      • 1st position: Buddy
      • 1st position: Akkerjol sales
      • 2nd position: Akkerjolgees
      • 2nd position: JOOL competition booklet sales
      • 3rd position: Media & Marketing
      • 4th position: JOOLbeker
      • 7th position: Geldbeker
      • 7th position: Trollies
      • 7th position: Vlotte Blikskud
      • 8th position: Big Bleed
      • 8th position: Vlotte
      • 13th position: Vensters
      • 14th position: Vensters Stall Sales

        JOOL / RAG