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Kleinsêr 2014: The people, the camp and the music- Luyolo Radebe

We honestly did not know each other very well. We were twenty girls who met together for about four hours every week to sing a few songs, and afterwards we would all disappear into our respective lives. Coming back early from holiday to spend every waking moment with a few acquaintances is not always the most appealing thing, I’ll admit it, but I’ll be damned if the Sêr camp wasn’t the best experience I’ve ever had as an Irener thus far.

With a big jug of sherry in the back seat (for our voices of course), the only thing more beautiful than the drive to our location was the place itself. Practices were long, grueling and tumultuous at best. Skakels were interesting and day trips were wild. However the best part was at the end of the day; staying up late at night, talking about our deepest desires and dumbest stories, is something that I will never forget.

And for that friendship, I am grateful.

While this article did have the potential to be 600 pages weird, filled with private jokes that only SêR members would laugh at, I’ll spare you the time and awkwardness by telling you what you need to know.

Things I learnt on sêr camp.

  1. Delecia specializes in the dark arts of cooking food that is way too delicious for your own good. Seriously, she could turn Dobby the Elf into Jabba the Hutt.
  2. Not all black people can dance. This is a myth.
  3. Maybe one day, when the last of us are roaming the Earth, it will be possible for an Irene sêr member to sing to themselves without random, uninvited harmonies and backing vocals. Maybe one day, but not today.
  4. Singing “IN THE DARKEST NIGHT HOUR” at the top of your lungs can possibly shut down the electricity for the whole night, because God’s sense of humor knows no natural boundaries.

The sêr 2014 experience has been like no other, we were blessed with good leaders, spirited members and time that was limited enough to put us into overdrive.


Ireners is beslis gekultiveerd – Helené Schaefer

Dié jaar se sogenaamde KKNK toer het vir uitermatige pret en opwinding gesorg. ‘n Groep Irene dames het tydens die April vakansie die pad na Oudtshoorn aangedurf. Daar het ons saam met Helshoogte manskoshuis behoorlik die kunste en al die sosiale samesyn wat daarmee gepaard gaan, beleef.

No better way to get rid of the stress from a hectic term than with a “lekker sokkie treffer” or two. It was a great occasion for some bonding and a lot of friendships were formed.

Verskeie vertonings en musiekoptredes is bygewoon en die gees het hoog geloop. Dit was beslis ‘n goeie ervaring wat nie in die toekoms misgeloop moet word nie!


KKNK Toer 2014

Mollassaser 2014 – Rufaro Chikari

After 2 weeks of almost daily practice, the hard work of the first years finally paid off when we performed on Tuesday the 18th of February. The songs performed were energetic and diverse, owing to the overall mollasaser theme of ‘Soundtracks’. More than 8 songs were performed ranging from ‘Rock of Ages’ to ‘Burlesque’ and even ‘Die Leeuloop’, giving the girls an opportunity to sing a song of their choice. The girls performed for Goldfields, Olympus, Huis Marais, Helshoogte, Majuba and Huis Visser, which entailed a lot of walking up and down campus but the energy never dropped all throughout our performances. Regardless of the late return to residence after the last performance, the girls were in high spirits due to the successful night. Unfortunately we did not make it to finals, but we enjoyed every moment of it. We are looking forward to teach next year’s first years their Mollasaser songs.


First Years performing for the house

MAD2 Culture/Diversity Day 2014- Ina-Mari Pretorius

During the MAD2 period, the first years of Irene were treated to an amazing day of culture and diversity. Our faces were painted by the second years, and they tattooed “IRENE” on our arms in henna, which took quite a while to dry, but it was worth the wait. During the day, we listened to a speech about sexual diversity, and how to be sensitive to people of different sexual orientations. That afternoon, the Maties Dance Society came to teach us a few line dances, which was a lot of fun. After that, we had the chance to share personal experiences with the group. The HK participated as well, which made us enjoy it even more. The day, overall, was so much fun, and the people who organized it did an amazing job.

Maties Dance Society teaching some line dances

Maties Dance Society teaching some line dances


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