“One tree, many leaves.”

The green initiative has become a significant topic around campus and truly important to Irene. Irene’s programme aims to get residents involved in creating green awareness and includes activities to decrease our carbon footprint on the environment.

We do this through various initiatives such as meat-free-Mondays, green recycle bins, recycling exam notes, participating in The Million Trees initiative as well as voluntary work at the Simonsberg Environmental Education Centre.

Even though we are all individuals, we are connected in many ways and we should work together to combat the damage that is being done to our planet.

Million Trees Initiative

Stellenbosch Municipality is making an unprecedented statement in terms of its commitment to care for the environment. Through the Million Trees Project, we wish to reinforce the drive towards home-style communities: friendly, supportive, providing shelter and jobs. Taking into account the looming threat of global warming, we must do what we can to stop this slide toward catastrophe and we need to think anew! We need to think 110% green!

Planting day with the mayor of Stellenbosch

Planting day with the mayor of Stellenbosch

It is hoped that the programme does not only change lives, but also connects well-being with the environment in people’s minds – indigenous trees representing a better life and a way to grow a better future.

To read more about this wonderful initiative, click here.

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