Les Mills

The Les Mills Grit programme is a high intensity interval training (HITT) workout. We, with the help of Xite Fitness, have started a workout regime in our own recreational hall. We are going to be expanding, and inviting other female residences for a fun and effective alternative to the gym. The Les Mills Grit programme is provided by a Stellenbosch student who is certified in coaching this course and more, and we hope to have all of you help us spread the fitness fun and love.

Reasons you should join:

  • You and your parents no longer have to worry about that long walk to the gym after classes when it is getting dark

  • It’s fun and very effective

  • Comfortable environment

  • You get to all the benefits of a healthy, fit body.

Give us 30min to1 hour of your time as often as you can, and that first year spread will be turned into 1st years shred.

Watch this video below to give you a taste of the Les Mills programme.

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