Irene is a house run by value driven management according to our 5 core values:
Irene has opened up many opportunities for its residents to be involved in the management of the  house and the leadership structure caters to women with different leadership styles, personalities and skills. This gives each and every Irener the opportunity to serve the house in a position which is appealing to them, whilst earning experience which will be beneficial to their personal growth. This approach to leadership aims to create an environment where each resident can play a role and where co-accountability is practiced.

House Committee

The House Committee (more commonly known as HK) consists of 14 democratically elected residents who are 2nd year or higher. These girls each manage different aspects of residence activities throughout the year. Please click on the “HK” tab on the menu above to view HK profiles.


Irene’s mentors are responsible for the academic welfare of new first year students. Mentors are residents chosen from different areas of study to help first year students to register, find their classes, manage their schedules and lead a balanced life.

Seniors’ Committee

The Seniors Committee consists of 10 democratically elected seniors in Irene whom all serve to create a link between the seniors and the house committee, among other things. As a body of leadership in the biggest ladies residence at Stellenbosch University, the Seniors Committee is in part responsible for the for the well-being of the seniors by making themselves available to hear the concerns of Ireners, to carry it over to House Comittee, and see that it gets resolved.  In addition to this, they organise two of Irene’s yearly events, namely Seniors Dance and Irene Fest. They also assist in getting Ireners excited for the activities that are held in the residence.

Management Portfolios

The various HK portfolios which form the backbone of residence management has been divided into smaller parts, making it more manageable. Ladies who wish to become the head of such a portfolio apply and are chosen based on skills and experience related to managing the portfolio.