InductEx is a three-dimensional magnetoquasistatic inductance calculator for multi-terminal superconductive integrated circuit layouts, available as a console application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Version 5.03 with a more powerful 3D solver engine and parameter sweep capabilities is now available in single and multicore versions for registered and/or paid-up academic and commercial users. It now also includes dedicated visualization tools, such as the magnetic field calculation module Magix. A magnetic field plot from for a coil generated and excited with InductEx and analysed with Magix is shown below. The latest version of InductEx was released on 28 March 2016.

Version 4.30 with a modified FastHenry solver engine and some size constraints is still available as a free download for evaluation purposes.

To get started with InductEx, find the user manual and some examples on the Resources page. There are also process data, cell libraries (for members) and free software on the Resources page.