The latest public version of InductEx is 5.06, released 28 March 2018.

You can download InductEx through your user account - simply log in. To register as a user, send us an e-mail with your name, organisation name and contact details.

InductEx allows unlimited use of multiple cores, which is especially efficient on workstations. It also allows specialised functionality, such as parameter sweeps and coil constructs. It supports tetrahedral segments, as well as external magnetic field analysis and the analysis of holes coupling to layout structures for flux trapping investigations. Other functionality includes external magnetic field analysis, compact model extraction in the EM environment, package modelling with wirebonds, permeable materials, capacitance extraction in the presence of multiple dielectric layers and characteristic impedance extraction. "Super" allows all functionality, while Professional omits external magnetic field analysis and flux trapping analysis, multiple dielectric layers, compact model extraction and package modelling. Basic limits you to a single core and our fastest FastHenry engine, but no support for tetrahedral meshing, capacitance extraction or parameter sweeps. Free is the end-of-life version 4.30 for which no more support is provided, and can be downloaded by unregistered users.