Example files for parameter extraction with InductEx are available for download on this page. Some of these are discussed in the User Manual, but more examples are listed here, as well as more detail and variations. Circuit schematics are included in the zip files.

You are welcome to contribute examples of your own be e-mailing these to us (see Contact).

Examples grow in complexity, with the easiest examples working with the Free version of InductEx (and all other versions). Examples listed under Basic do not work with the Free version, but with all other versions. Professional examples work only with Professional and Super, while Super examples do not work with any other version.

Examples that work with Free version


Name Description  

User Manual 9.2: straight microstrip line, solved with the FastHenry engine.

ex_f_02.zip User Manual 9.3: non-Manhattan line with non-rectangular ports.
ex_f_03.zip User Manual 9.4: three-inductor network.
ex_f_04.zip User Manual 9.5: two coupled inductors over ground plane hole - self and mutual inductance calculation.
ex_f_05_washer.zip A washer in a monolayer process with no ground plane. Also demonstrates a port with separately defined terminals.
ex_f_06_jtl.zip A basic RSFQ circuit (the Josephson Transmission Line) laid out for the FLUXONICS process.

Examples that work with Basic version

Name Description  
ex_b_01.zip Coupled coils (inner is multi-turn) in FLUXONICS process. Shows segment count reduction with directed blanking, and modelling without ground plane. Also sets inductance units to nH.
ex_b_02.zip User Manual 9.3: non-Manhattan line with non-rectangular ports, and with current distribution rendered.
ex_b_03.zip RSFQ splitter cell in Hypres 4.5 kA/cm2 process - inductance, resistance and JJ critical current, 10 ports and 17 inductors.

Examples that work with Professional version

Name Description  

User Manual 9.2: straight microstrip line, solved with the FFH and TetraHenry engines, with sweep example included.

ex_p_04.zip User Manual 14.1: Capacitance calculation.
ex_p_05.zip User Manual 15.1: Characteristic impedance and phase velocity calculation of a PTL structure.

Super examples

Name Description  
ex_s_01.zip User Manual 14.3: Capacitance calculation with multiple dielectrics.
ex_s_02.zip User Manual 16.1: Wire bonds and chip on chip on PCB.