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Links to websites of our collaborators, interesting workshops or very useful software that work well with InductEx are listed below.

Superconductive circuit design groups

Name Description Website
Yoshikawa laboratories Energy-efficient cryogenic device group at Yokohama National University


Name Location and date
None at the moment.  



Name Description Website
LayoutEditor An excellent integrated circuit layout utility from Juspertor. We use it to view/edit almost all GDS files for InductEx examples.
LASI A free integrated circuit layout utility

DXF 3D viewing

Name Description Website
DXF Sharp Viewer A fast and light-weight viewer from Wout Ware with easy 3D rotation, perspective rendering and OpenGL rendering for surface views. The graphics for the banner (left and right) and the main image on this page depict DXF Sharp Viewer 2 screenshots.

Field solvers

Name Description Website
3D-MLSI A powerful and accurate 3D field solver for superconductive structures from Mikhail Khapaev at Moscow State University