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InductEx development was started as a research project funded by the South African National Research Foundation. InductEx (with a Basic license) outperforms versions v4.26 and earlier by a factor of 20 over an exhaustive test set. Multicore-enabled versions (Professional and Super licenses) are even more powerful, and include our in-house developed 3D numerical solver: TetraHenry. The Professional version also includes coil constructors, sweep commands and capacitance extraction. Super supports analysis of external magnetic fields and the coupling of holes to circuit structures, capacitive structures with multiple dielectrics, S-parameter analysis and more. A differentiated license model supports academic and commercial use.


InductEx (v6.0)

The most powerful release of InductEx, with no limits on model size except for those of your system. Dual calculation engines, FFH and TetraHenry, allow you to the freedom to select the best option for your calculation requirements. Multicore support allows you to run InductEx over all cores of your system, whether it is 4 cores on your laptop or 64 cores on your high-end workstation.

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InductEx Licence Free (v4.30)

The licence free version uses a much improved version of the original FastHenry engine, which performs 4 times faster than older versions for models with around 10,000 segments. InductEx Free has no active support, and enforces limits on model size. This is a good option for new users who want to evaluate InductEx, or those who only need to solve small inductance problems such as that of microstrip lines or SQUID loops.