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Abayomi, Prof AkinolaHaematological Pathology
Abrahams, Ms ToniPsychiatry
Abrahams, Dr RiezaahHealth Systems and Public Health
Abrahamse-pillay, Dr HelgaOphthalmology
Ackerman, Mr PierreForest and Wood Science
Ackermann, Dr ChristelleRadiodiagnosis
Adams, Miss SamanthaIndustrial Psychology
Adams, Mrs AmyPsychiatry
Adams-Jack, Dr UbanesiaPolitical Science
Addison, Dr PiaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Adendorff, Dr ElbieAfrikaans and Dutch
Adeniyi, Dr FolasadeCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Adetiba, Mr FrederickSociology and Social Anthropology
Adetokunboh, Dr OlatunjiPaediatrics and Child Health
Adjasi, Prof CharlesUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Afonso, Dr StevenForensic Medicine
Africa, Dr EileenSport Science
Africander, Dr DonitaBiochemistry
Agenbag, Prof GertAgronomy
Ahmed, Dr NadiyaSurgery
Akotey, Dr JosephUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Akudugu, Prof JohnMedical Imaging and Clinical Oncology
Albertyn, Dr RuthUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Albien, Ms AnoukPsychiatry
Alblas, Mrs MandiClinical Anatomy
Aldrich, Ms CarienSocial Work
Aldrich, Prof ChrisProcess Engineering
Alexander, Dr DebbiePsychiatry
Ali, Dr AusChemical Pathology
Alimandegari, Dr MohsenProcess Engineering
Allen, Dr RobinPsychiatry
Allwood, Dr Brian WilliamInternal Medicine
America, Dr CarinaCurriculum Studies
Anane, Mr EmmanuelProcess Engineering
Andersen, Dr SimenCivil Engineering
Anderson, Prof BruceBotany and Zoology
Anker, Dr WillemAfrikaans and Dutch
Anley, Dr CameronOrthopaedic Surgery
Annas, Prof RolfModern Foreign Languages
Anstey, Dr LeonardForensic Medicine
Anthonie, Mrs RamonaNursing and Midwifery
Anthonissen, Prof ChristineGeneral Linguistics
Anthony, Dr RossCentre for Chinese Studies
Apffelstaedt, Prof Justus PaulSurgery
Appel, Dr IlsePaediatrics and Child Health
Arendse, Mr EbrahiemaFood Science
Arnold, Dr MarionSurgery
Arnott, Dr GarethChemistry and Polymer Science
Ascott-Evans, Prof BrianInternal Medicine
Asmal, Dr LailaPsychiatry
Attwood, Dr RoryOtorhinolaryngology
August, Prof KarelPractical Theology and Missiology
Augustyn, Prof JohanAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Auret, Dr LidiaProcess Engineering
Austin, Mrs EleanorFinancial Services
Avdeenkov, Dr AlexanderNational Institute for Theoretical Physics
Ayirebi, Mr GodwinMilitary Geography
Aylward, Mrs JannekeBotany and Zoology
Aziakpono, Prof JesseUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Baard, Mr RoelofSchool of Accountancy
Baatjes, Mr ShermanSport Science
Baatjes, Dr KarinSurgery
Badenhorst, Mr Kobus
Bagadia, Dr AsifRadiodiagnosis
Bailey, Mrs LisaIndustrial Psychology
Bailey, Miss TraceyDST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Baker, Dr BienyameenMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Baldwin, Mrs Stephanie
Baleni, Mrs JabulileDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Bam, Ms LouzanneIndustrial Engineering
Bam, Mr Wouter GideonIndustrial Engineering
Bangeni, Dr NwabisaEnglish
Banieghbal, Prof BehrouzPaediatric Surgery
Bantjes, Dr JasonPsychology
Banzi, Mrs AmeliaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Barbour, Prof LeonardChemistry and Polymer Science
Bardien, Mrs FaezaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Bardien-Kruger, Prof SorayaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Barnard, Mr ArnoElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Barnard, Prof JusthinusSport Science
Barnard, Dr BarendCardiothoracic Surgery
Barnard, Dr JakobusProcess Engineering
Barnard Bull, Mrs Aletta
Barnardt, Dr PieterRadiation Oncology
Barnes, Dr JoHealth Systems and Public Health
Barnett, Mr RichardInformation Science
Bartlett, Dr BruceMathematics
Bartlett, Dr Andre
Bassa, Dr FatimaInternal Medicine
Basson, Prof AntonMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Basson, Prof GerritCivil Engineering
Basson, Dr AlettaOrthopaedic Surgery
Basson, Dr AlecDevelopment and Alumni Relations
Basson, Ms IsabelCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Basson, Dr DirkMathematics
Basson, Mr StephanEnglish
Basson, Mrs RemertaSchool of Accountancy
Bastiaanse, Dr BerthaClinical Anatomy
Bateman, Dr KathleenInternal Medicine
Bates, Dr WilliamAnatomical Pathology
Bauer, Prof FlorianViticulture and Oenology
Bauer, Mrs NadiaSchool of Accountancy
Bazelet, Dr CorinnaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Beauclair, Ms RoxanneSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Becker, Dr ThorstenMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Becker, Mrs DanielleVisual Arts
Becker, Mr LouisEconomics
Beeselaar, Mrs Susanna Petronella
Beets, Prof Peter Allan DumontCurriculum Studies
Bekker, Prof JamesIndustrial Engineering
Bekker, Dr AnriëtteMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Bekker, Mr JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Bekker, Dr AdriePaediatrics and Child Health
Bekker, Prof SimonSociology and Social Anthropology
Bell, Dr JanetNursing and Midwifery
Bell, Dr DianeUSB-ED
Bello, Dr Muideen OlatunjiFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Bellstedt, Prof DirkBiochemistry
Benjamin, Miss RonaldaMathematics
Berger, Prof MartinMusic
Bergman, Ms ElizabethModern Foreign Languages
Bergsteedt, Mr BryanClinical Anatomy
Bernard, Dr TarynGeneral Linguistics
Berning, Dr ThomasStatistics and Actuarial Science
Berning, Miss AnikaBusiness Management
Bester, Ms JuanitaOccupational Therapy
Bester, Prof ChristoCivil Engineering
Bester, Mr WillemComputer Science
Beukes, Mrs SusannaOccupational Therapy
Beukes, Mrs Monique
Beukes, Dr TobiasCentre for Military Studies
Beukes, Dr VernitaLanguage Centre
Beyers, Prof NuldaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Beyers, Mrs Susanne MariaDrama
Beyers, Dr RynoElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Bezuidenhout, Prof JuanitaGlobal Health
Bezuidenhout, Dr JacquesPhysics (Mil)
Bezuidenhout, Dr ChristyFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Bezuidenhout, Mr JohannesStatistics and Actuarial Science
Bierman, Dr SuretteStatistics and Actuarial Science
Biggs, Prof ReinetteSchool of Public Leadership
Biscombe, Ms MoniqueVisual Arts
Bishop, Mr ArthurSchool of Accountancy
Bitzer, Prof EliasCurriculum Studies
Blaauw, Mr DewaldInformation Science
Blaauw, Prof ReneeHuman Nutrition
Blackie, Dr Margaret Anne LilliasChemistry and Polymer Science
Blaine, Dr DeborahMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Blaine, Mr PeterMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Blanckenberg, Dr MichielElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Blancquaert, Mrs ErnaViticulture and Oenology
Blitz, Prof JuliaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Bloom, Prof JonathanBusiness Management
Boggenpoel, Prof Zsa-zsaPrivate Law
Bonato, Dr MaudAnimal Sciences
Boolay, Dr SihaamInternal Medicine
Boonzaaier, Ms IlzeCentre for Geographical Analysis
Boonzaier, Dr WilliamIndustrial Psychology
Boonzaier, Mrs MicheleIndustrial Psychology
Booysen, Dr MarthinusElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Booysen, Ms KylieDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Boshoff, Dr StephanusCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Boshoff, Prof HendrikBusiness Management
Boshoff, Dr WillemEconomics
Boshoff, Prof WilliamCivil Engineering
Boshoff, Ms HananjaHuman Nutrition
Bosman, Prof HendrikOld and New Testament
Bosman, Ms ElmePractical Theology and Missiology
Bosman, Dr GurthwinPhysics
Bosman, Mrs AnneliViticulture and Oenology
Bosman, Mrs AdeleCivil Engineering
Bosman, Dr JPCentre for Learning Technologies
Bosman, Mr DalianEconomics
Botes, Mr WillemGenetics
Botes, Dr AnneliseBiochemistry
Botes, Miss ElmineElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Botha, Prof HendrikPublic Law
Botha, Dr MatthysElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Botha, Dr MarieCurriculum Studies
Botha, Prof AlfredMicrobiology
Botha, Prof RudolfGeneral Linguistics
Botha, Dr UrsulaPsychiatry
Botha, Prof JanCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Botha, Mr JacquesCivil Engineering
Botha, Prof HennieObstetrics and Gynaecology
Botha, Mrs AnnaSchool of Accountancy
Botha, Ms LouisaCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Botma, Dr GabrielJournalism
Bowers - Du Toit, Dr NadinePractical Theology and Missiology
Boxall, Dr GarethMathematics
Bradshaw, Prof StevenProcess Engineering
Brand, Mrs JohannaSchool of Accountancy
Brand, Ms AmeldaDrama
Brand, Dr DirkSchool of Public Leadership
Bredekamp, Miss LeonoreDrama
Bredenkamp, Prof BrianForest and Wood Science
Breet, Miss Elsie-marieCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Breitegger, Miss MelinaPolitical Science
Brent, Prof AlanIndustrial Engineering
Bressan, Prof ElizabethCentre for Human Performance Sciences
Breuer, Prof FlorianMathematics
Breytenbach, Prof WilhelmusPolitical Science
Brink, Dr Daniel
Brink, Dr YolandiPhysiotherapy
Brink, Mrs SophiaSchool of Accountancy
Brink, Dr WillemApplied Mathematics
Brink, Dr JeandrewApplied Mathematics
Brink, Prof PaulInternal Medicine
Brink, Dr IsobelCivil Engineering
Brits, Ms SuzetteMusic
Britz, Prof TrevorFood Science
Britz, Prof KatarinaInformation Science
Broodryk, Mr TheoPrivate Law
Broodryk, Miss MandiPsychiatry
Brooks, Mr Mathys
Brown, Miss RosemaryDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Bruijns, Dr StevanEmergency Medicine
Brushett, Miss SiobhanAnatomical Pathology
Bruwer, Prof BarbaraSchool of Accountancy
Bruwer, Mr HendrikSchool of Accountancy
Bruwer, Dr BelindaPsychiatry
Bruwer, Mrs MeganCivil Engineering
Bucher, Dr ThifhelimbiluPhysics
Buckle, Ms ChanelléPsychiatry
Buica, Dr AstridViticulture and Oenology
Buick, Prof IanEarth Sciences
Buitendag, Mrs NatashaSchool of Accountancy
Burden, Prof MatildaUniversity Museum
Burger, Prof JohanGenetics
Burger, Ms MarlettePhysiotherapy
Burger, Prof RonelleEconomics
Burger, Dr RulofEconomics
Burger, Dr AlewynLogistics
Burger, Prof AlewynSchool of Public Leadership
Burger, Prof AndriesProcess Engineering
Burger, Dr ElsieForensic Medicine
Burger, Dr JohannesSurgery
Burger, Mrs ElizabethMathematics
Burger, Dr CoenraadPractical Theology and Missiology
Burger, Prof BarendChemistry and Polymer Science
Burger, Dr MarilizeOrthopaedic Surgery
Burgess, Mr StephenStatistics and Actuarial Science
Burrows, Mr Le RouxEconomics
Butler, Mrs RikaSchool of Accountancy
Butler, Mr MartinUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Butler, Prof DavidMercantile Law
Butt, Dr JenniferObstetrics and Gynaecology
Bylund Spangberg, Prof EmanuelGeneral Linguistics
Cain, Dr JuliaDrama
Calitz, Prof KarinMercantile Law
Calitz, Prof EstianEconomics
Calitz, Mrs LizelleSchool of Accountancy
Carl, Prof ArendCurriculum Studies
Carolissen, Prof RonelleEducational Psychology
Carolus, Ms GabrielaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Carr, Prof JonathanInternal Medicine
Carstens, Dr SydneyHealth Systems and Public Health
Carstens, Dr MachteldInternal Medicine
Carstens, Ms RiëtteBusiness Management
Cezula, Dr NtozakheOld and New Testament
Chase, Dr CarolClinical Anatomy
Chasi, Ms VimbaiGeography and Environmental Studies
Chegou, Dr NovelMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Chellan, Dr PrinessaChemistry and Polymer Science
Cherry, Prof MichaelBotany and Zoology
Chetty, Dr SeanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Chibawara, Mr TrustSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Chikte, Prof UsufGlobal Health
Chiliza, Dr BonginkosiPsychiatry
Chimphango, Dr AnnieProcess Engineering
Chirehwa, Mr MaxwellCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Chivese, Mr TawandaCentre for Experimental Mathematics
Christodoulou, Dr MariaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Cillie, Mr GabrielIndustrial Psychology
Cilliers, Prof JohannesPractical Theology and Missiology
Cilliers, Ms HendrikaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Cilliers, Ms Judy-AnnPhilosophy
Cilliers, Mr Jacques
Cinti, Dr FabioNational Institute for Theoretical Physics
Claassen, Dr MareliDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Claassens, Prof LoisOld and New Testament
Clarke, Dr CatherineSoil Science
Clarke, Prof KimProcess Engineering
Clemens, Prof JohnEarth Sciences
Cleophas, Dr FrancoisSport Science
Cleophas, Dr LoekInformation Science
Clift, Mr Peter-JohnStatistics and Actuarial Science
Clift, Mrs MarianaCurriculum Studies
Cloete, Dr AnitaPractical Theology and Missiology
Cloete, Dr LizahnOccupational Therapy
Cloete, Dr AlreseObstetrics and Gynaecology
Cloete, Prof Thomas
Cloete, Prof JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Cloete, Dr MaretApplied Mathematics
Clover, Mr RobertStatistics and Actuarial Science
Clusella-Trullas, Dr SusanaBotany and Zoology
Cluver, Dr CatherineObstetrics and Gynaecology
Coertzen, Prof PieterSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Coetzee, Prof JuanaMercantile Law
Coetzee, Ms ZeldaOccupational Therapy
Coetzee, Dr CorneliusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Coetzee, Prof AndreasAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Dr AnkiaInternal Medicine
Coetzee, Prof JohanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Miss BronwynePsychology
Coetzer, Dr JohannesApplied Mathematics
Collair, Ms LynetteEducational Psychology
Combrinck, Mr RiaanCivil Engineering
Combrink, Dr NicolaasAgronomy
Combrink, Prof Hans Old and New Testament
Conradie, Dr SimoneGeneral Linguistics
Conradie, Ms ShaneenSchool of Accountancy
Conradie, Prof WillemStatistics and Actuarial Science
Conradie, Dr MarliInternal Medicine
Conradie, Mrs KarlienEducational Psychology
Contardo-Berning, Mrs IvonaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Coombes, Dr MichaelAncient Studies
Cooper, Dr CharlSurgery
Coovadia, Dr MohamedPsychiatry
Corfield, Prof ValerieMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Cornelissen, Prof ScarlettPolitical Science
Cornelissen, Mr LaurenzInformation Science
Cornelissen-Nordien, Mrs TasneemahSocial Work
Cornelius, Prof IzakAncient Studies
Corubolo, Mr DavyStatistics and Actuarial Science
Costandius, Dr ElmarieVisual Arts
Cotterill, Dr FentonBiochemistry
Cotton, Prof MarkPaediatrics and Child Health
Cousins, Dr ThomasSociology and Social Anthropology
Crafford, Mr Philippus
Cronje, Dr LizlChemistry and Polymer Science
Cronje, Prof JohannesSocial Work
Cronje, Mr DivanStatistics and Actuarial Science
Crouch, Dr ElkeHorticultural Science
Croukamp, Mr LeonCivil Engineering
Crous, Mr PieterApplied Mathematics
Crowley, Mrs TalithaNursing and Midwifery
Cruywagen, Prof JohannesChemistry and Polymer Science
Currie, Mr PaulSchool of Public Leadership
Da Silva Ferreira, Prof AntonioViticulture and Oenology
Damons, Mrs AnneleenNursing and Midwifery
Damons, Dr LynneEducational Psychology
Daniels, Ms LynetteHuman Nutrition
Daniels, Mr KurtPhysiotherapy
Daniels, Prof DoriaEducational Psychology
Daniels, Prof SavelBotany and Zoology
Daniels, Ms AmyAncient Studies
Daniels, Mrs NabeelahSchool of Accountancy
Davids, Ms AnnelinAnimal Sciences
Davids, Dr NuraanEducation Policy Studies
Davids, Prof MogamatInternal Medicine
Davids, Ms GreshneCampus Health Service
Davids, Mr RiyaanSchool of Accountancy
Davidse, Mrs Zenobia IT Infrastructure
Davidson, Prof DavidElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Davies, Dr SarahDST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Davis, Mr HerbertAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Davis, Ms RazaanRadiodiagnosis
Dawood, Mrs GouwaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Day, Dr PeterCivil Engineering
De Beer, Mrs AlidaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
De Beer, Dr CorenaMedical Virology
De Bod, Mrs AnnekeLogistics
De Bruin, Prof GideonIndustrial Psychology
De Bruyn, Ms MichelleSchool of Accountancy
De Bruyn, Prof GuillaumeMathematics
De Clercq, Dr WillemSoil Science
De Clercq, Dr HendrikCivil Engineering
De Coning, Professor Tobias Strategic Initiatives and Human Resources
De Jager, Dr NicolaPolitical Science
De Jager, Mrs EloiseSchool of Accountancy
De Jong, Dr GrietjeMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
De Jongh, Dr HeineOrthopaedic Surgery
De Klerk, Dr HelenGeography and Environmental Studies
De Klerk, Ms SusanOccupational Therapy
De Klerk, Prof JeremiasUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
De Kock, Prof LeonEnglish
De Kock, Dr MichielPhysics
De Kock, Mrs ImkeIndustrial Engineering
De Kock, Prof HendrikLogistics
De Kock, Miss ChristaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
De Kock Malan, Mrs AnnemariePractical Theology and Missiology
De Koker, Mrs ClaireCentre for Medical Ethics and Law
De Laan, Mr AmberSchool of Accountancy
De Lange, Mrs SilkeMercantile Law
De Lange, Ms IlseLibrary and Information Service
De Necker, Mr LouieCurriculum Studies
De Oliveira Pegado Augusto, Ms BrigitteEconomics
De Roubaix, Ms LelanieAfrikaans and Dutch
De Roubaix, Dr John Addey Malcolm
De Stadler, Prof LeonLanguage Centre
De Swardt, Prof JohannElectrical and Electronic Engineering
De Vaal, Prof JacobusAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
De Villiers, Mrs AnnemarieAncient Studies
De Villiers, Dr DawidEnglish
De Villiers, Ms KarlienVisual Arts
De Villiers, Ms MarePrivate Law
De Villiers, Prof AbrahamEconomics
De Villiers, Mrs WibkeCivil Engineering
De Villiers, Dr DirkElectrical and Electronic Engineering
De Villiers, Prof AndreChemistry and Polymer Science
De Villiers, Dr KatherineChemistry and Polymer Science
De Villiers, Prof Wim
De Villiers, Dr MarianneBiochemistry
De Villiers, Mr LaingDesmond Tutu TB Centre
De Villiers, Prof JohannBusiness Management
De Villiers, Prof JohanAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
De Villiers, Dr HendrikComputer Science
De Villiers, Prof Marietjie Family Medicine and Primary Care
De Villiers, Dr Willem
De Villiers, Mr AlmeroCentre for Electric and Electronic Engineering
De Villiers - Strijdom, Mrs JeannieBusiness Management
De Villiers-Botha, Dr TanyaPhilosophy
De Vries, Ms AnnalienBusiness Management
De Waal, Mr JanGeography and Environmental Studies
De Waal, Prof MariusPrivate Law
De Wet, Mrs MargarethaIndustrial Psychology
De Wet, Dr MariusCivil Engineering
De Wet, Prof TertiusStatistics and Actuarial Science
De Wit, Prof MartinSchool of Public Leadership
Dean, Prof OwenMercantile Law
Deane, Dr ShellyMicrobiology
Delmage, Ms SteffyModern Foreign Languages
Delva, Dr WimSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Demers, Dr Anne-MarieDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Dempers, Dr JohanForensic Medicine
Dhladhla, Mr ThamsanqaCentre for Military Studies
Diacon, Prof AndreasMedical Physiology
Dickie, Ms KashaSport Science
Dicks, Prof LeonMicrobiology
Diedericks, Dr GerhardusApplied Mathematics
Dietrich, Prof KeithVisual Arts
Dillen, Prof JanChemistry and Polymer Science
Dimitrov, Prof DimitarIndustrial Engineering
Dinter, Prof FrankMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Dippenaar, Mrs MareliSchool of Accountancy
Dirkse Van Schalkwyk, Mr TheunisIndustrial Engineering
Divol, Dr BenoitViticulture and Oenology
Dixon, Mr KurtPsychiatry
Dlali, Prof MawandeAfrican Languages
Dodd, Dr Malcolm
Donald, Prof PeterPaediatrics and Child Health
Donaldson, Prof SybrandGeography and Environmental Studies
Dorfling, Dr ChristieProcess Engineering
Dos Santos, Dr IsabelModern Foreign Languages
Doubell, Prof AntonInternal Medicine
Dramowski, Dr AngelaPaediatrics and Child Health
Dreyer, Dr LornaEducational Psychology
Dreyer, Prof LeanneBotany and Zoology
Dreyer, Mr JanSchool of Accountancy
Du Buisson, Dr ChristelPaediatrics and Child Health
Du Plessis, Mr JacobSociology and Social Anthropology
Du Plessis, Dr IzelleMercantile Law
Du Plessis, Prof JacquesPrivate Law
Du Plessis, Dr LisanneHuman Nutrition
Du Plessis, Prof Stanley
Du Plessis, Dr SophiaEconomics
Du Plessis, Prof JakobusCivil Engineering
Du Plessis, Prof SimonMedical Physiology
Du Plessis, Dr StefanPsychiatry
Du Plessis, Miss MadeleSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Du Plessis, Mr DanielCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Du Plessis, Dr AntonCentral Analytical Facility Science
Du Plessis, Mr JacobusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Du Plessis, Prof JanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
du Plessis, Prof JacobusAfrican Languages
Du Plessis, Dr LienkieDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Du Plessis-burger, Dr NelitaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Du Plooy, Mr JohannSchool of Accountancy
Du Plooy, Ms Steph
Du Preez, Dr PetrusDrama
Du Preez, Prof RonelIndustrial Psychology
Du Preez, Prof JohanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Du Preez, Dr LouisProcess Engineering
Du Preez, Dr KarenDesmond Tutu TB Centre
du Preez, Mrs EmmariCampus Health Service
Du Rand, Mr GideonEconomics
Du Toit, Dr BenForest and Wood Science
Du Toit, Prof sssViticulture and Oenology
Du Toit, Prof MargarethaViticulture and Oenology
Du Toit, Mrs RenateModern Foreign Languages
Du Toit, Prof CatherineModern Foreign Languages
Du Toit, Prof HenriettePhilosophy
Du Toit, Prof PierrePolitical Science
Du Toit, Dr DanielSurgery
Du Toit, Dr JacquesOrthopaedic Surgery
Du Toit, Mrs MoniqueRadiation Oncology
Du Toit, Dr KennethUrology
Du Toit, Dr RietteInternal Medicine
Du Toit, Prof JanAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Du Toit, Ms CatharinaPaediatrics and Child Health
Du Toit, Dr BarendOld and New Testament
Du Toit-Pearce, Mrs MinetteMusic
Dubbeld, Dr BernardSociology and Social Anthropology
Dudley, Dr LilianHealth Systems and Public Health
Dupper, Prof OckertMercantile Law
Duvenage, Dr RiaanSurgery
Duvenage, Ms CatharinaOccupational Therapy
Duveskog, Ms HeidiMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Dzama, Prof KennedyAnimal Sciences
Ebrahim, Dr AbdulSurgery
Edwards, Mr NazeemCurriculum Studies
Eggers, Prof HansPhysics
Ehlers, Dr AntonHistory
Elema, Mr NicoUniversity of Stellenbosch Water Institute
Ellis, Dr JeanneEnglish
Ellis, Prof AllanBotany and Zoology
Ellis, Mrs SusannaNursing and Midwifery
Ellis, Dr Freddie
Ellis, Dr Coreen
Ellmann, Prof AnnareNuclear Medicine
Eloff, Mrs Anne-MarieSchool of Accountancy
Els, Dr DanielMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Els, Dr EllisProcess Engineering
Emsley, Prof RobinPsychiatry
Engelbrecht, Dr LambertSocial Work
Engelbrecht, Mrs WaldetteSchool of Accountancy
Engelbrecht, Prof AmosIndustrial Psychology
Engelbrecht, Mr JapieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Engelbrecht, Dr HermanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Engelbrecht, Prof Anna-MartPhysiological Sciences
Engelbrecht, Dr Arnoldus LourensPaediatrics and Child Health
Engelbrecht, Prof SusanMedical Virology
Engelbrecht, Dr YolandaBiochemistry
Enright, Ms MarliePhysiotherapy
Enslin, Mr ZachariasSchool of Accountancy
Erasmus, Prof PetrusBusiness Management
Erasmus, Prof RajivChemical Pathology
Erasmus, Mr JohnAeronautical Science (Mil)
Erasmus, Dr WillemPublic and Development Management (Mil)
Ernstzen, Mrs DawnPhysiotherapy
Esau, Dr OmarCurriculum Studies
Esler, Prof KarenConservation Ecology and Entomology
Esselaar, Dr LorrimerOphthalmology
Esser, Dr MonikaMedical Microbiology
Essop, Mr HassanEconomics
Essop, Prof FaadielPhysiological Sciences
Essop, Ms RoshinPaediatrics and Child Health
Esterhuizen, Ms TonyaCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Esterhuyse, Prof AbelMilitary Strategy
Esterhuysen, Prof CatharineChemistry and Polymer Science
Etoe, Dr SheilaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Ewert, Prof JoachimSociology and Social Anthropology
Ezeobi, Mrs OliviaEconomics
Fairhurst, Ms MelanieLanguage Centre
Fakier, Dr KhayaatSociology and Social Anthropology
Farmer, Mrs JeanCentre for Teaching and Learning
Fataar, Prof MogamadEducation Policy Studies
Fawole, Dr OlaHorticultural Science
February, Mr MoegammatGenetics
Feenstra, Ms CarlaEducational Psychology
Feinauer, Prof AnnaAfrikaans and Dutch
Fernandez, Dr PedroUrology
Ferreira, Prof SusannaGeography and Environmental Studies
Ferreira, Dr SuzanneSport Science
Ferreira, Mr ThomasEconomics
Ferris, Prof WilliamInternal Medicine
Fey, Prof MartinSoil Science
Fidder-Woudberg, Dr SoniaApplied Mathematics
Fietz, Dr SusanneEarth Sciences
Finlayson, Dr HeatherPaediatrics and Child Health
Fischer, Prof BerndComputer Science
Fish, Dr Therese
Flemming, Dr AlexanderBotany and Zoology
Flugel, Dr TyrelMilitary Geography
Foord, Prof StefanBotany and Zoology
Forster, Dr DionSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Fortuin, Ms GailSchool of Accountancy
Fortune, Ms GillianGeography and Environmental Studies
Foster, Prof PetronellaAfrikaans and Dutch
Fouche, Ms ElaineInformation Science
Fourie, Prof PieterPolitical Science
Fourie, Dr JohanEconomics
Fourie, Prof CoenradElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Fourie, Dr CatharinaSurgery
Fourie, Prof CorneliusIndustrial Engineering
Fourie, Dr AnnaRadiation Oncology
Fourie, Dr BarendPaediatrics and Child Health
Fourie, Dr PhilippusApplied Mathematics
Fourie-Malherbe, Prof MagdalenaCurriculum Studies
Foxcroft, Dr Lewellyn CourtneyBotany and Zoology
Franken, Prof DanielObstetrics and Gynaecology
Fransch, Mr Chet James PaulHistory
Fransman, Prof AndrewMathematics
Fredericks, Mr JeromeOccupational Therapy
Freeman, Dr NicolaOphthalmology
Freiboth, Mr HeinrichLogistics
Frick, Dr BeatriceCurriculum Studies
Frigati, Dr LisaPaediatrics and Child Health
Fulton, Mr CraigAsnapp: Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
Gaertner, Dr MirijamBotany and Zoology
Gagiano, Prof AnnaEnglish
Ganson, Prof BrianAfrica Centre for Dispute Settlement
Garbers, Prof ChristophMercantile Law
Garcia-Prats, Dr AnthonyDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Gauche, Mr PaulMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Gcaza, Ms CeliaCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Gebhardt, Dr GabrielObstetrics and Gynaecology
Geerts, Prof LutgartObstetrics and Gynaecology
Geertsema, Prof HendrikConservation Ecology and Entomology
Geiger, Ms MarthaCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Geldenhuys, Prof JacobusComputer Science
Genis, Dr AmandaMedical Physiology
Gerber, Dr BernaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Gerber, Mrs PetroSchool of Accountancy
Gerber, Dr WilhelmusChemistry and Polymer Science
Gerber, Dr AnzélMusic
Gericke, Mrs AdineChemistry and Polymer Science
Gerwel, Mr HeinrichAgricultural Economics
Gevers, Prof WillemUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Gey Van Pittius, Prof Nicolaas
Geyer, Prof HermanusGeography and Environmental Studies
Geyer, Mr HermanusCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Geyser, Mr AlwynMilitary Geography
Ghomrasni, Dr RaoufAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Gibb, Mr MartinPsychiatry
Gie, Prof RobertPaediatrics and Child Health
Gierdien, Dr MohammadCurriculum Studies
Gilmore, Mrs JackiElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Ginsberg, Mrs LioraMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Glashoff, Dr RichardMedical Virology
Goedhals-Gerber, Dr LeilaLogistics
Goosen, Ms RianaSchool of Accountancy
Goosen, Dr NeillProcess Engineering
Goremucheche, Ms RhodaCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Gorgens, Dr GinaIndustrial Psychology
Gorgens, Prof JohannProcess Engineering
Goussard, Dr PierrePaediatrics and Child Health
Gouws, Prof RufusAfrikaans and Dutch
Gouws, Prof AmandaPolitical Science
Gouws, Prof PieterFood Science
Govender, Mr IndrenComputer Science
Govender, Dr SrinivasanFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Gray, Dr JamesMathematics
Grebe, Doctor EduardSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Greeff, Prof AbrahamPsychology
Greeff, Mrs CecileenSchool of Accountancy
Green, Dr LouiseEnglish
Green, Prof SulinaSocial Work
Green, Ms TanyaCampus Health Service
Green, Prof BarryAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Grewal, Dr RavnitHaematological Pathology
Greyling, Ms LindaClinical Anatomy
Greyling, Ms MareliSchool of Accountancy
Greyling, Dr TabieInternal Medicine
Grimm, Dr SvenCentre for Chinese Studies
Grobbelaar, Dr SaraCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Grobbelaar, Dr HeinrichSport Science
Grobler, Dr PieterMusic
Grobler, Mrs ChristelleBureau for Economic Research
Grobler, Dr PetrusApplied Mathematics
Groenewald, Dr MariaChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Groenwold, Prof AlbertMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Grove, Prof IzakMusic
Grundlingh, Prof AlbertHistory
Gule, Dr NkosinathiElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Gule, Dr NonjabuloChemistry and Polymer Science
Gunst, Dr CFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Gunter, Dr ElizabethVisual Arts
Gustafsson, Mr MartinEconomics
Haas, Dr TrevorCivil Engineering
Hagan, Mr SybrandPsychology
Hahne, Prof FriedrichPhysics
Haines, Mr RichardMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Haldenwang, Prof Barbel BeatrixInstitute for Future Research
Hale, Dr NicolasApplied Mathematics
Hall, Prof DavidObstetrics and Gynaecology
Hall, Dr SusanPhilosophy
Ham, Mr CoriForest and Wood Science
Hamman, Prof WillemUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Hanekom, Dr MadeleineClinical Anatomy
Hanekom, Prof SusanPhysiotherapy
Hardie, Dr AilsaSoil Science
Hargrove, Prof JohnSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Harms, Prof ThomasMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Haroldt, Mrs HanlieComputer Science
Harper, Ms AbigailDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Harris, Mrs LaurenMusic
Harris, Dr DavidCardiothoracic Surgery
Hartmann, Ms JulietteLanguage Centre
Hartzenberg, Prof HenryNeurosurgery
Hassenpflug, Dr WalterMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hattingh, Prof Johan
Hauptfleisch, Prof TempleDrama
Havenga, Prof JanLogistics
Hawa, Mr Waseem HoosainPsychiatry
Hawkridge, Dr SusanPsychiatry
Hayes, Prof JamesAnimal Sciences
Haynes, Prof DeliaChemistry and Polymer Science
Hector, Mrs DawnNursing and Midwifery
Hees, Prof EdwinDrama
Heinecken, Prof LynetteSociology and Social Anthropology
Heiss, Prof Walter DieterPhysics
Hemmings, Dr SianPsychiatry
Hendricks, Ms MelanyPsychiatry
Hendricks, Mr JohannCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Hendriks, Prof Hans Practical Theology and Missiology
Herbst, Ms DanellMusic
Herbst, Prof BarendApplied Mathematics
Herron, Mrs AndreaSchool of Accountancy
Herselman, Prof MarthaHuman Nutrition
Hesseling, Prof AnnekePaediatrics and Child Health
Hesseling, Prof PeterPaediatrics and Child Health
Heunis, Dr MagdaRadiation Oncology
Heyn, Dr RenéEarth Sciences
Heyns, Dr JacobusChemistry and Polymer Science
Heys, Dr IzakInternal Medicine
Heystek, Prof JanEducation Policy Studies
Hill, Dr LloydSociology and Social Anthropology
Hille, Prof JosAnatomical Pathology
Hills, Dr PaulInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Hoddinott, Mr GraemeDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Hoek, Dr KimMedical Microbiology
Hoffman, Dr JosiasSoil Science
Hoffman, Prof LouwrensAnimal Sciences
Hoffman, Dr EleanorHorticultural Science
Hoffmann, Dr WillemAgricultural Economics
Hoffmann, Dr JacobMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hoffmann, Dr McEloryComputer Science
Hoffmann, Dr RenaMedical Microbiology
Hoffmann, Dr MarizaChemical Pathology
Hofmeyr, Mrs ZoettjeDrama
Hofmeyr, Prof Jan-HendrikBiochemistry
Holgate, Dr SandiPaediatrics and Child Health
Hollander, Dr HyltonEconomics
Holloway, Dr AilsaGeography and Environmental Studies
Holtzhausen, Dr JacobusElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Horak, Ms NataschaPsychiatry
Horn, Ms PetronellaEconomics
Horn, Dr KarenCurriculum Studies
Horn, Mrs AlettaGeography and Environmental Studies
Horsten, Ms DebraPrivate Law
Howell, Dr Karin-ThereseMathematics
Howie, Prof Sarah
Huddlestone, Dr KathleenGeneral Linguistics
Hugo, Prof FredCivil Engineering
Hugo, Dr DanielOrthopaedic Surgery
Hui, Prof CangMathematics
Human, Ms DebbieBusiness Management
Human, Prof Sonia
Human, Mrs MelanieSocial Work
Ijssel De Schepper, Ms LisetteBureau for Economic Research
Ikhide, Prof SylvanusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Inggs, Dr CorneliaComputer Science
Inglis-jassiem, Mrs GakeemahPhysiotherapy
Innes, Dr SteveChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Irusen, Prof ElvisegranInternal Medicine
Isaacs, Mrs DeyanaSchool of Public Leadership Bellvillepark Campus
Isaacs, Ms ShafiekaHaematological Pathology
Jacobs, Dr ShayneConservation Ecology and Entomology
Jacobs, Dr NEILLogistics
Jacobs, Prof HeinzCivil Engineering
Jacobs, Prof EdmundChemistry and Polymer Science
Jacobs, Prof KarinMicrobiology
Jacobs, Ms KristenMedicine and Health Sciences Central
Jacobs, Mrs CarmelitaPsychology
Jacobs, Dr GraemeMedical Virology
Jacobs, Dr AntheaCentre for Teaching and Learning
Jacobs-nzuzi Khuabi, Mrs Lee-AnnOccupational Therapy
Jacobson, Mr DanInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Jadezweni, Dr MhloboCurriculum Studies
Jafta, Prof RachelEconomics
Janelidze, Prof ZurabMathematics
Janse Van Rensburg, Mr RoelofLogistics
Janse Van Rensburg, Dr KarinaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Janse Van Rensburg, Prof SusanChemical Pathology
Janse Van Vuuren, Mrs CarlaIndustrial Psychology
Jansen, Prof AdaEconomics
Jansen, Mrs TrudyMicrobiology
Jansen Van Rensburg, Mrs ElizabethMercantile Law
Janson, Dr JacquesCardiothoracic Surgery
Jefthas, Mr EltonAsnapp: Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
Jenkins, Prof KimCivil Engineering
Jeremic, Prof BranislavRadiation Oncology
Jivan, Mrs DionneDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Johnson, Ms EbreziaPrivate Law
Jones, Prof ThomasElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Jones, Dr MeganEnglish
Jonker, Prof LouisOld and New Testament
Joorst, Dr JeromeEducation Policy Studies
Jooste, Dr WyhanIndustrial Engineering
Jooste, Dr MariaHorticultural Science
Jordaan, Prof HenryDermatology
Jordaan, Dr GerhardusPsychiatry
Jordaan, Ms MarenetJournalism
Joubert, Mrs DebbiePsychiatry
Joyner, Dr KateNursing and Midwifery
Julie, Dr LynneCampus Health Service
Jurgens, Mr ChristiaanCivil Engineering
Kaden, Mrs MarthaVisual Arts
Kafaar, Mr ZuhayrPsychology
Kagee, Prof ShaheenPsychology
Kali, Dr GugulabatembunaPaediatrics and Child Health
Kamish, Mr WageedCivil Engineering
Kamkuemah, Ms MarthaAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Kamper, Prof MaartenElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Kapp, Prof ChristiaanCurriculum Studies
Karjiker, Prof SadullaMercantile Law
Kastner, Dr MichaelNational Institute for Theoretical Physics
Katzke, Mr NicoEconomics
Keet, Dr ArnoldMathematics
Keiller, Mrs LianneCentre for Learning Technologies
Kellermann, Mrs AntoinetteDrama
Kemp, Dr JacobusGeography and Environmental Studies
Kemp, Prof GerhardusPublic Law
Kemp, Ms ReneChief Operating Officer
Kemp, Mr JohannesBureau for Economic Research
Kempen, Mrs EstelleAgronomy
Kenneth, Dr LynelleObstetrics and Gynaecology
Kenny, Ms SinobiaAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Kershoff, Mr GeorgeBureau for Economic Research
Kerwath, Prof SvenAnimal Sciences
Kese, Ms PamelaCurriculum Studies
Kgosana, Mr MakatipeCentre for Military Studies
Khan, Dr FirozSchool of Public Leadership
Khan, Dr WesaalMicrobiology
Khan, Dr ZureidaPsychiatry
Khondowe, Dr OswellNursing and Midwifery
Khoza, Ms LindiweComputer Information Systems (Mil)
Kidd, Prof MartinCentre for Statistical Consultation
Kierman, Ms PamelaMusic
Kieviet, Mrs SuzanneSchool of Accountancy
Kinghorn, Prof JohannInformation Science
Kingwill, Mrs Maria
Kirby, Dr Jo-AnneCampus Health Service
Kirsten, Mrs CorrinnaSchool of Accountancy
Kirsten, Prof GerhardusPaediatrics and Child Health
Kirsten, Dr MariaEconomics
Kisters, Prof AlexanderEarth Sciences
Kitshoff, Mrs DanineNursing and Midwifery
Klausen, Dr MartinEarth Sciences
Kleineibst, Mrs LynnPhysiotherapy
Kleyn, Ms LisaPsychology
Kleynhans, Prof TheodorusAgricultural Economics
Kling, Prof SharonPaediatrics and Child Health
Klop, Dr DaleenSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Klopper, Mrs CeridwynNursing and Midwifery
Kloppers, Miss MaatjeOccupational Therapy
Klumperman, Prof LubertusChemistry and Polymer Science
Klusmann, Dr Karl Johann ChristophInternal Medicine
Knoetze, Mrs AnetSchool of Accountancy
Knoetze, Prof Johannes
Koch, Prof KlausChemistry and Polymer Science
Koegelenberg, Prof CoenraadInternal Medicine
Koehler Van Asch, Dr BarbaraGenetics
Koen, Mrs NeleneHuman Nutrition
Koen, Prof LiezlPsychiatry
Kohler, Dr Ralf AlexanderMusic
Kok, Ms NormaVice-Dean: Learning and Teaching (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Kondowe, Ms ZandileAfrican Languages
Koopman, Prof Nico
Koornhof, Mrs HilletjieHuman Nutrition
Korowlay, Dr NisaarNuclear Medicine
Kossmann, Prof JensInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Kotzé, Dr GideonAncient Studies
Kotze, Prof AnnemareAncient Studies
Kotze, Prof MarthaAnatomical Pathology
Kotze, Prof SanetClinical Anatomy
Kotze, Dr DirkInternal Medicine
Kotze, Dr TheunisAgronomy
Kotze, Mr Robert
Kraak, Mr WilburSport Science
Kriel, Dr JohannesPhysics
Krige, Prof NielUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Krige, Ms MariciaSchool of Accountancy
Kritzinger, Prof AndrienettaSociology and Social Anthropology
Kroon, Dr SteveComputer Science
Krugel, Dr MaricelFood Science
Kruger, Prof PaulAncient Studies
Kruger, Prof MariaDrama
Kruger, Prof Lou-MariePsychology
Kruger, Mr StephanusSchool of Accountancy
Kruger, Prof MarianaPaediatrics and Child Health
Kruger, Dr EstelleCurriculum Studies
Kruger, Prof TheunisObstetrics and Gynaecology
Krygsman, Prof StephanusLogistics
Krzesinski, Prof AnthonyMathematics
Kumschick, Dr SabrinaDST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Kunneke, Dr HildaPaediatrics and Child Health
Kussing, Ms UlrikeLogistics
Kussler, Prof HelmutModern Foreign Languages
Kyriakakis, Dr CharlesInternal Medicine
Lachman, Dr AnushaPsychiatry
Lamberts, Prof RobertSurgical Sciences
Lambrechts, Dr HeletAnimal Sciences
Lambrechts, Dr DericaPolitical Science
Lambrechts, Dr AntonSurgery
Lamont, Dr MichaelBusiness Management
Lamont, Dr MorneStatistics and Actuarial Science
Lampen, Dr ChristineCurriculum Studies
Lamprecht, Mr ChristiaanSchool of Accountancy
Landman, Mr WillemCentre for Renewable and Sustainable energy studies
Lange, Mrs JunaySchool of Public Leadership
Langenegger, Dr EduardObstetrics and Gynaecology
Lategan, Dr BarbaraPsychiatry
Lategan, Prof BernardInformation Science
Laughton, Dr BarbaraChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Laurie, Prof DirkMathematics
Lawrenson, Dr JohnPaediatrics and Child Health
Lötter, Mr DanielIndustrial Engineering
Le Cordeur, Dr MichaelCurriculum Studies
Le Grange, Prof LesleyCurriculum Studies
Le Roex, Dr TanyaChemistry and Polymer Science
Le Roux, Dr ElisabetPractical Theology and Missiology
Le Roux, Dr DanielInformation Science
Le Roux, Dr MarieannaPsychology
Le Roux, Dr JohannesBotany and Zoology
Le Roux, Dr MarithaChemistry and Polymer Science
Le Roux, Dr MarcellousAgronomy
Le Roux, Prof NielStatistics and Actuarial Science
Leisching, Dr GinaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Lekwakwe, Mr KatlegoBureau for Economic Research
Lemboe, Mr CraigBureau for Economic Research
Lenner, Dr RomanCivil Engineering
Lennox, Dr CherylPlant Pathology
Leonard, Prof BasilUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Lesch, Prof HaroldAfrikaans and Dutch
Lesch, Ms FeliciaMusic
Lesch, Dr ElmienPsychology
Lesch, Ms AntheaPsychology
Leslie, Dr AlisonConservation Ecology and Entomology
Leveel, Dr EricModern Foreign Languages
Levin, Prof AndrewAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Leysens, Prof AnthonyPolitical Science
Liebenberg, Prof SandraPublic Law
Liebenberg, Dr JohannesCentre for Military Studies
Lightbody, Dr MargaretSport Science
Liu, Prof GuanglingEconomics
Lloyd, Dr JamesInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Lloyd, Dr LizelPaediatrics and Child Health
Lochner, Prof ChristinePsychiatry
Lochner, Prof AmandaMedical Physiology
Lombaard, Dr JacobusPhysics
Lombard, Dr JohannesAgricultural Economics
Loos, Dr BenjaminPhysiological Sciences
Lopes, Dr JohnMedical Physiology
Lotter, Mr RousseauBusiness Management
Lotz, Prof Jan WillemRadiodiagnosis
Lotze, Dr ElmiHorticultural Science
Louw, Dr EsmeHorticultural Science
Louw, Dr DirkPhilosophy
Louw, Prof JohannesLogistics
Louw, Prof NelmarieStatistics and Actuarial Science
Louw, Prof AnnBiochemistry
Louw, Prof QuinettePhysiotherapy
Louw, Dr TobiasProcess Engineering
Louw, Dr TheresaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Louw, Dr AndreMercantile Law
Louw, Dr LouisIndustrial Engineering
Louw, Prof DanielPractical Theology and Missiology
Loxton, Prof HelenaPsychology
Loxton, Prof LeonSchool of Accountancy
Lubbe, Prof GerhardPrivate Law
Luckay, Dr RobertChemistry and Polymer Science
Ludemann, Prof WinfriedMusic
Lupion-romero, Mr AlejandroCentre for Renewable and Sustainable energy studies
Lutz, Dr MarietjieChemistry and Polymer Science
M'rithaa, Mrs Doreen MugendiNursing and Midwifery
Maasdorp, Mr ChristiaanInformation Science
Maasdorp, Dr EliznaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Mabitsela, Mr SeaneMilitary History
Macharia, Dr MuiruriPsychiatry
Machekano, Prof RhoderickCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Madavhu, Mr MashuduMilitary Management
Madide, Dr AyandaPaediatrics and Child Health
Magalhães, Prof LuisMusic
Makunga, Prof NokwandaBotany and Zoology
Malan, Prof DirkIndustrial Psychology
Malan, Mr DanielUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Malan, Dr ApmConservation Ecology and Entomology
Malan, Dr JohannaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Malaza, Mr VusiPhysics (Mil)
Malek, Dr ElmariePaediatrics and Child Health
Malgas, Ms RhodaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Malgas-Enus, Dr RehanaChemistry and Polymer Science
Malherbe, Mr GForest and Wood Science
Malindi, Mr KholekileEconomics
Mallon, Prof PeterChemistry and Polymer Science
Manaka, Ms MichaelineCurriculum Studies
Manley, Prof MarenaFood Science
Mans-Kemp, Dr NadiaBusiness Management
Mapiye, Dr CletosAnimal Sciences
Mapolie, Prof SelwynChemistry and Polymer Science
Marais, Mrs MarthaHuman Nutrition
Marais, Dr ErnaMedical Physiology
Marais, Ms NadiaSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Marais, Ms Debbie
Marais, Dr ElizabethBotany and Zoology
Marco, Ms Jenna LeePsychiatry
Maree, Ms LelaniBusiness Management
Mariri, Mr TendaiIndustrial Psychology
Maritz, Dr MiltonApplied Mathematics
Maritz, Dr JeanMedical Virology
Maritz, Prof PieterMathematics
Martens, Mrs HesterMusic
Mash, Prof Robert-JamesFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Masiye, Mr FrancisResearch Development and Support (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Masters, Dr SamanthaAncient Studies
Matei, Prof CorvinMusic
Mateyisi, Dr JacobAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Mathur-Helm, Dr BabitaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Matope, Dr StephenIndustrial Engineering
Matsaseng, Dr ThaboObstetrics and Gynaecology
Matthee, Dr SonjaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Matthee, Prof ConradBotany and Zoology
Matthee, Mr ThurstanPolitical Science
Mavengere, Dr WilliamHorticultural Science
Mbali, Dr MandisaSociology and Social Anthropology
Mbao, Dr WamuwiEnglish
Mbaya, Dr HenryPractical Theology and Missiology
Mbewe, Mr PeterCivil Engineering
Mbhenyane, Prof XikombisoHuman Nutrition
Mc Gill, Mrs LaurenSocial Work
Mccaul, Mr MichaelCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Mcgregor, Dr NathanielGenetics
Mckay, Ms MarianneViticulture and Oenology
Mclachlan, Prof MildredHuman Nutrition
McLachlan, Prof DavidChemistry and Polymer Science
Mclean, Mr LewisEconomics
Mcleod, Dr AdelePlant Pathology
Measey, Dr JohnDST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Meehan, Dr SamuelAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Mehtar, Prof ShaheenHealth Systems and Public Health
Meincken, Prof MartinaForest and Wood Science
Meiring, Prof EbenhaezerModern Foreign Languages
Menkveld, Prof RoelofObstetrics and Gynaecology
Mey, Mr MattheusSchool of Accountancy
Mey, Mrs ElizabethSchool of Accountancy
Meyer, Prof PetrieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Meyer, Prof ChristiaanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Meyer, Prof DavidOphthalmology
Meyer, Prof JohannesPsychology
Midgley, Prof GuyBotany and Zoology
Miller, Dr JodieEarth Sciences
Miller, Prof MicheleMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Mills, Mrs LizePrivate Law
Mills, Ms HeleenBusiness Management
Mills, Dr AnthonySoil Science
Mitchell, Mr ColinPsychiatry
Mji, Dr GubelaCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Mkaza, Dr NoelPhysics (Mil)
Mkhize, Mr MbekezeliCentre for Military Studies
Mnukwana, Ms Ncebakazi FezekaMusic
Moalosi, Mr TumeloRadiation Oncology
Moe, Ms LedelleVisual Arts
Mohamed, Dr NoorAnatomical Pathology
Moller, Dr MarloMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Momberg, Dr ZoeObstetrics and Gynaecology
Monnanyane, Ms BontleMilitary Management
Moodley, Prof KeymanthriCentre for Medical Ethics and Law
Moodley, Dr AneshreePsychiatry
Moore, Dr JohnInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Moore, Prof SamuelPaediatric Surgery
Morgan, Ms JennaNursing and Midwifery
Morris, Dr LinzettePhysiotherapy
Morris, Mrs CarlaSchool of Accountancy
Morrison, Dr JulieChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Moses, Mr EldridgeEconomics
Moses, Dr JaneInternal Medicine
Mostert, Dr LizelPlant Pathology
Mostert, Prof FrederikBusiness Management
Mostert, Prof PaulStatistics and Actuarial Science
Mostert, Ms IngridAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Mostert, Dr MorneInstitute for Future Research
Mouton, Prof AlettaOld and New Testament
Mouton, Prof JohannCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Mouton, Prof HendrikElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Mouton, Prof PieterBotany and Zoology
Mouton, Prof SonjaMathematics
Mouton, Dr JohnSurgery
Mouton, Dr MarnelBotany and Zoology
Mouton, Mr AdriaanStatistics and Actuarial Science
Mouton, Mr Ebenezer
Mouzouris, Mr Michael
Moyo, Ms GugulethuCentre for Student Communities
Mpinda, Dr BulelwaPsychiatry
Msimang, Mr PhilaPhilosophy
Msindwana, Ms AmandaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Muller, Ms MagdalenaFood Science
Muller, Dr StephanusMusic
Muller, Prof JacobusSchool of Public Leadership
Muller, Ms AnnekeSchool of Public Leadership
Muller, Dr ChristoffelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Muller, Dr JacobusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Muller, Dr RetiefSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Muller, Dr NeilApplied Mathematics
Muller, Dr MichaelMathematics
Muller-Nedebock, Prof KristianPhysics
Munch, Ms ZahnGeography and Environmental Studies
Murray, Dr RiaanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Murray, Prof Sally-AnnEnglish
Musango, Dr JosephineSchool of Public Leadership
Musila, Prof GraceEnglish
Myburgh, Dr FranziskaPrivate Law
Myburgh, Prof KathrynPhysiological Sciences
Nachega, Dr JeanInternal Medicine
Naidoo, Prof AnthonyPsychology
Naidoo, Dr SivapregasenClinical Pharmacology
Naidoo, Mr SatiaseelanInformation Science
Naidoo, Dr PrenDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Nash, Dr CatherineInternal Medicine
Nassen, Dr RenePsychiatry
Nasson, Prof WilliamHistory
Nathanson, Dr RéneeCurriculum Studies
Naude, Dr CorneliaMathematics
Naude, Dr CelesteCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Naude, Prof PetrusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Naude, Dr JanUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Ndevu, Mr ZwelinzimaSchool of Public Leadership
Ndifon, Dr NdimongangAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Ndlovu, Dr MdutshekelwaCentre for Pedagogy
Ned-matiwane, Mrs LieketsengCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Needham, Dr SonjaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Neethling, Dr PieterPhysics
Neethling, Mr AdolphBusiness Management
Nel, Dr MariusOld and New Testament
Nel, Ms MaryPublic Law
Nel, Dr WillemSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Mr GeorgeSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Mr RudieSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Prof HannelieLogistics
Nel, Prof DaanStatistics and Actuarial Science
Nel, Mrs NatalieNursing and Midwifery
Nel, Dr EtiennePaediatrics and Child Health
Nel, Dr JoanineLanguage Centre
Nel, Dr KerryDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Nell, Prof IanPractical Theology and Missiology
Nell, Mr MarioMusic
Nell, Dr TheodorePhysiological Sciences
Nengovhela, Mr MikovheCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Newman, Prof RichardPhysics
Newman, Mr GarthPsychiatry
Newmark, Prof RonaEducational Psychology
Ngandwe, Mr ChisalaFood Science
Ngcobo-Sithole, Dr MagnoliaPsychiatry
Ngwane, Dr AndileMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Ngwenya, Ms OlinaSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Nicol, Dr LieslCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Niehaus, Prof DanielPsychiatry
Nienkemper-swanepoel, Mrs JohanèGenetics
Niesler, Prof ThomasElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Nieuwoudt, Dr HeleneInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Nieuwoudt, Mrs LiezlEconomics
Nieuwoudt, Dr IsabelleLogistics
Nieuwoudt, Dr MartinusSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Nkonki, Dr LungiswaHealth Systems and Public Health
Noor, Dr FirdowsRespiratory Research Unit
Nortje, Dr CharlPsychology
Nortje, Ms SunelProcess Engineering
Nortje, Ms HesterStatistics and Actuarial Science
Nosarka, Dr SaleemaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Nyabadza, Prof FaraiMathematics
Nyasulu, Prof Peter
Nyoni, Mr VulindlelaVisual Arts
Oberholster, Prof Anna-mariaGenetics
Ochodo, Dr EleanorCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
October, Mr MelrickLogistics
Odendaal, Prof HendrikObstetrics and Gynaecology
Odendaal, Dr JacobusSurgery
Okeke, Mr NnaemekaMedicine and Health Sciences Central
Okwundu, Dr CharlesCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Olivier, Mrs EstherDrama
Olivier, Prof PierreSchool of Accountancy
Olivier, Dr PierreSport Science
Olivier, Dr MariusPsychiatry
Olivier, Mrs DebbeyCentre for Civil Engineering
Oluwatimilehin, Dr IlesanmiPaediatrics and Child Health
Oostendorp, Dr MarcelynGeneral Linguistics
Oosthuizen, Dr JohanGeneral Linguistics
Oosthuizen, Dr MagdalenaMusic
Oosthuizen, Mr PieterMercantile Law
Oosthuizen, Ms HelenaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Opara, Prof UmezurulkeHorticultural Science
Oppelt, Dr RiaanEnglish
Orrey, Ms SamanthaPhysiotherapy
Orth, Dr HeidiMedical Microbiology
Ouifki, Dr RachidSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Ouwehand, Dr PeterMathematics
Owen, Dr MichaelMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Page, Prof BenedictClinical Anatomy
Page, Dr DanielIndustrial Engineering
Painter, Prof DesmondPsychology
Palmer, Prof KeithChief Operating Officer
Palmer, Dr MeganDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Papka, Prof PaulPhysics
Paris, Dr GeraldRadiation Oncology
Parker, Mr Sa-AadatMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Parker, Dr NoorPaediatrics and Child Health
Parris, Mrs DiannePhysiotherapy
Parry, Prof CharlesPsychiatry
Paruk, Mr MuhammadBureau for Economic Research
Pasch, Prof HaroldChemistry and Polymer Science
Pather, Dr MichaelFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Patterson, Ms LesleyNursing and Midwifery
Patterson, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Patterton, Prof Hugh-George
Pattman, Prof RobertSociology and Social Anthropology
Paul, Ms Lynthia VivienneAnatomical Pathology
Pauw, Prof CharlBotany and Zoology
Pauw, Mr TheoGeography and Environmental Studies
Pauw, Prof ChristoffPractical Theology and Missiology
Pearce, Mr James
Pecoraro, Dr AlfonsoInternal Medicine
Pelly, Dr StephenChemistry and Polymer Science
Pentz, Dr ChristianBusiness Management
Pepler, Dr TheoGenetics
Perold, Prof WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Perold, Mrs MariechenEducational Psychology
Perry, Prof JimmieAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Peters, Dr Shaun WayneInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Petersen, Ms HelenChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Pfukwa, Dr RuebenChemistry and Polymer Science
Phahladira, Dr LebogangPsychiatry
Pharoah, Miss RobynGeography and Environmental Studies
Pienaar, Prof JuanitaPrivate Law
Pienaar, Mr HugoBureau for Economic Research
Pienaar, Prof WesselLogistics
Pienaar, Prof Willem PetrusPsychiatry
Pieterse, Dr ElsjeAnimal Sciences
Pieterse, Dr PetrusAgronomy
Pieterse, Ms SonjaChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Pillay, Prof MershenSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Pillay, Prof PregalaSchool of Public Leadership
Pillay, Prof VisvanathanProcess Engineering
Pina,, Mr Ralph
Pirie, Dr MichaelBiochemistry
Pitcher, Prof RichardRadiodiagnosis
Plaatjies-van Huffel, Prof Mary-AnneSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Plastow, Dr NicolaOccupational Therapy
Poblete-Echeverría, Dr CarlosViticulture and Oenology
Poona, Mr NiteshGeography and Environmental Studies
Potgieter, Dr SunitaHuman Nutrition
Potgieter, Dr LinkeLogistics
Potgieter, Mrs ThelmarieSchool of Accountancy
Potgieter, Prof TheodorusCentre for Military Studies
Potgieter, Prof JustusSport Science
Potocnik, Dr FelixPsychiatry
Pott, Dr RobertProcess Engineering
Powell, Prof JohnUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Preiser, Prof WolfgangMedical Virology
Pretorius, Dr MareliDrama
Pretorius, Dr ChrismaPsychology
Prigge-Pienaar, Dr SamanthaDrama
Pringle, Dr KennethConservation Ecology and Entomology
Prior, Prof BernardInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Prodinger, Prof HelmutMathematics
Prozesky, Dr HeidiCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Prozesky, Dr HansInternal Medicine
Pryke, Dr JamesConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pulliam, Dr JulietSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Punt, Prof JeremiaOld and New Testament
Punt, Dr CeciliaAgricultural Economics
Qubuda, Dr ThozamileAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Quinot, Prof GeoPublic Law
Rabe, Prof LizetteJournalism
Rabenantoandro, Mr AndryMathematics
Rabie, Dr BabetteSchool of Public Leadership Bellvillepark Campus
Rabie, Dr HelenaPaediatrics and Child Health
Raffrenato, Dr EmilianoAnimal Sciences
Ralaivaosaona, Dr DimbinainaMathematics
Rambau, Dr RamugondoBotany and Zoology
Ramokgadi, Mr Shade'Centre for Military Studies
Randewijk, Dr PeterElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Rankin, Prof NeilEconomics
Ras, Dr JohanPsychiatry
Raubenheimer, Dr HeidiUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Raubenheimer, Prof HelgardChemistry and Polymer Science
Rautenbach, Prof MarinaBiochemistry
Rautenbach, Prof WillemPhysics
Razack, Dr RubinaAnatomical Pathology
Razafindramahatsiaro, Mr TovondrainyAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Reader, Prof HowardElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Reddy, Prof ChrisopherCurriculum Studies
Redfern, Dr AndrewPaediatrics and Child Health
Reid, Dr MoniqueEconomics
Reinecke, Prof AdriaanBotany and Zoology
Rensburg, Dr MeganChemical Pathology
Retief, Prof JohannesCivil Engineering
Retief, Dr FrancoisAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Reuter, Prof HannoMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Rewitzky, Prof IngridMathematics
Rhode, Sr HilaryFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Rhode, Dr ClintGenetics
Richards, Dr RoseleeLanguage Centre
Richardson, Prof DavidBotany and Zoology
Richter, Prof WernerPhysics
Rigby, Mr JonathanAnatomical Pathology
Rix, Dr ArnoldElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Robbertze, Mrs ReneInformation Science
Robins, Prof StevenSociology and Social Anthropology
Robinson, Prof TerenceBotany and Zoology
Robinson, Dr TamaraBotany and Zoology
Robinson, Prof MaureenCurriculum Studies
Robyn, Mr PaulElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Roets, Dr FrancoisConservation Ecology and Entomology
Rohwer, Prof JohannBiochemistry
Rohwer, Prof ErichPhysics
Rohwer, Ms AnkeCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Rohwer, Dr CarlMathematics
Ronacher, Dr KatharinaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Roodt, Dr VastiPhilosophy
Roodt, Mr LouisCivil Engineering
Roodt-Wilding, Dr RouvayGenetics
Roomaney, Dr RizwanaPsychology
Roos, Dr AnnerinePsychiatry
Roosenschoon, Prof HansMusic
Rootman-le Grange, Dr IlseChemistry and Polymer Science
Rose, Mrs LindyPlant Pathology
Rose-Innes, Mrs RennieSport Science
Ross, Mrs SuzanneLanguage Centre
Rossouw, Prof GabrielCardiothoracic Surgery
Rossouw, Dr JanaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Rossouw, Mr JacoPsychiatry
Rossouw, Dr LindieChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Roth, Ms MaryStatistics and Actuarial Science
Rouget, Prof MathieuBotany and Zoology
Roux, Dr DanielEnglish
Roux, Ms MagdalenaMusic
Roux, Dr AdrianaApplied Mathematics
Roux, Mr GerhardMusic
Roux, Prof AndreUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Roychoudhury, Prof AlakendraEarth Sciences
Rozanov, Dr AndreiSoil Science
Rubow, Prof SietskeNuclear Medicine
Rudman, Prof EvaPublic Law
Rudman, Mr RiaanSchool of Accountancy
Rudman, Mrs ChantalCivil Engineering
Ruiters, Mr JohnCurriculum Studies
Rule, Prof PeterCurriculum Studies
Ruppel, Prof OliverMercantile Law
Rutgers, Dr LindaCurriculum Studies
Rypstra, Prof TiemenForest and Wood Science
Sadie, Ms AnnaleneGenetics
Sadie, Mrs RoleneChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Sadie-van Gijsen, Dr HanelInternal Medicine
Sahd, Ms Lize-MarieSchool of Accountancy
Salie, Dr KhalidAnimal Sciences
Sampson, Prof SamanthaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Samuelson, Prof MargaretEnglish
Samways, Prof MichaelConservation Ecology and Entomology
Sandenbergh, Ms DerinePsychiatry
Sanders, Prof JefferyAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Sarkar, Dr RajeshMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Schaaf, Prof HendrikPaediatrics and Child Health
Schaetzing, Prof AlbrechtObstetrics and Gynaecology
Schaffer, Dr AlfredAfrikaans and Dutch
Schlechter, Prof CharleneUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Schlemmer, Dr AnnaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Schmeisser, Dr MichaelHorticultural Science
Schneider, Prof JohannAnatomical Pathology
Schoeman, Prof JohannesPaediatrics and Child Health
Scholtz, Ms BrendaInternal Medicine
Scholtz, Ms HenrietteSchool of Accountancy
Scholtz, Dr FrederikNational Institute for Theoretical Physics
Schoombee, Prof GilliamEconomics
Schoonees, Ms AnelCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Schoonees, Prof JacobusCivil Engineering
Schreve, Prof KristiaanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Schubert, Dr PawelAnatomical Pathology
Schulte, Dr FionaPsychiatry
Schumann, Prof NinaMusic
Schuster, Dr HelmutMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Schuster, Mr DouglasMathematics (Mil)
Schutte, Prof CorneliusIndustrial Engineering
Schwarz, Dr CaraProcess Engineering
Schwella, Prof ErwinSchool of Public Leadership
Schwoerer, Prof HeinrichPhysics
Sebitosi, Prof BenMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Seedat, Prof SorayaPsychiatry
Seifert, Prof ThomasForest and Wood Science
Selkirk, Ms RebeccaEconomics
Serfontein, Dr JacobUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Setati, Dr Mathabatha EvodiaInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Sewram, Prof VikashHealth Systems and Public Health
Sexton, Mrs NatashaSchool of Accountancy
Shaik, Prof Abdool SamadPaediatric Surgery
Sheik Ismail, Mrs ArifaOccupational Therapy
Shepherd, Ms DebraEconomics
Shires, Dr JuliaPaediatrics and Child Health
Sibula, Mr PumlaniLanguage Centre
Siebert, Prof ThomasObstetrics and Gynaecology
Siebrits, Dr FranzEconomics
Sigge, Prof GunnarFood Science
Sijadu, Ms ZamekaAfrican Languages
Sikonkwane, Mr KennethMilitary Management
Silinga, Mr CeboCentre for Renewable and Sustainable energy studies
Simaika, Dr JohnConservation Ecology and Entomology
Simon, Prof DavidPractical Theology and Missiology
Simon, Dr CarolBotany and Zoology
Simonsen, Mr MikkelEnglish
Simpson, Mr ZaneLogistics
Sinclair, Prof MarionCivil Engineering
Sinske, Dr SandraRadiation Oncology
Sirgel, Dr WilhelmBotany and Zoology
Sishi, Dr BalindiwePhysiological Sciences
Skeen, Ms SarahPsychology
Skinner, Dr DonaldHealth Systems and Public Health
Slabbert, Dr MathildaEnglish
Slabbert, Dr IlzeSocial Work
Slade, Dr BradleyPublic Law
Slattery, Prof PatrickStatistics and Actuarial Science
Smeda, Ms JorinaSchool of Accountancy
Smit, Prof DirkSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Smit, Dr JohannesPhilosophy
Smit, Mrs YolandeHuman Nutrition
Smit, Mrs Anna-RethaSchool of Accountancy
Smit, Mrs SybilSchool of Accountancy
Smit, Prof BenjaminEconomics
Smit, Prof EonUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Smit, Mr WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Smit, Dr WillemMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Smit, Prof GideonApplied Mathematics
Smit, Dr Inge-MarliPsychiatry
Smit, Comd(R) HendrikMilitary Geography
Smit, Dr ElizabethPaediatrics and Child Health
Smit, Dr DerrickOphthalmology
Smit, Ms LizelleLanguage Centre
Smit, Dr ARNOLDUS TOBIASUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Smit, Prof BerendRadiation Oncology
Smit, Dr LianiChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Smith, Ms KathrynVisual Arts
Smith, Prof CarinePhysiological Sciences
Smith, Dr JohannesUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Smith, Prof ValdonBotany and Zoology
Smith, Dr VincentChemistry and Polymer Science
Smith, Prof JohanPaediatrics and Child Health
Smith, Mrs LiezlSchool of Accountancy
Smith, Miss ChericeUSB Marketing and Communication
Smith-Tolken, Dr AntoinetteSocial Impact
Smits, Dr CornelisSurgery
Snoep, Prof JacobBiochemistry
Solomon, Mr GoosainBusiness Management
Solomons, Dr ReganPaediatrics and Child Health
Somhlaba, Dr NcebazakhePsychology
Southey, Mrs TaraViticulture and Oenology
Southwood, Dr FrenetteGeneral Linguistics
Spamer, Mr JohanLogistics
Spaull, Dr NicholasEconomics
Spencer, Ms LyndaEnglish
Spies, Ms NadineSchool of Accountancy
Spocter, Dr ManfredGeography and Environmental Studies
Springer, Dr PriscillaPaediatrics and Child Health
Stander, Dr JohannesPhysics
Stander, Dr MariaCentral Analytical Facility Science
Statham, Mrs SusanPhysiotherapy
Staunton, Dr CiaraCentre for Medical Ethics and Law
Steadman, Ms JacquiPsychiatry
Steel, Mr HenryPsychology
Steel, Prof SarelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Steenkamp, Mr LeonSchool of Accountancy
Steenkamp, Mrs GrethaSchool of Accountancy
Steenkamp, Mrs SheneSchool of Accountancy
Steenkamp, Dr ChristinePhysics
Steiner, Prof BarbaraEnglish
Stellenberg, Prof EthelwynnNursing and Midwifery
Stephenson, Mr GarthCentre for Geographical Analysis
Stevens, Dr RichardMercantile Law
Stevens, Prof GaryEarth Sciences
Steyl, Dr JohannProcess Engineering
Steyn, Dr JohannaModern Foreign Languages
Steyn, Prof DanielObstetrics and Gynaecology
Steyn, Prof WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Storbeck, Dr Karl-HeinzBiochemistry
Strasheim, Dr BredaCivil Engineering
Strauss, Ms CarienSchool of Accountancy
Strauss, Dr JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Strauss, Prof ErickBiochemistry
Strauss, Dr JohannesPhysiological Sciences
Streicher, Dr ElizabethMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Strever, Dr AlbertViticulture and Oenology
Strijdom, Prof JohannesMedical Physiology
Strydom, Dr MarianneSocial Work
Strydom, Ms HuibrechtSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Suliman, Dr SharainPsychiatry
Sumners, Ms LynetteEconomics
Sutherland, Prof PhilippusMercantile Law
Swanepoel, Prof FransAfrica Centre for Scholarship
Swanepoel, Dr PieterAgronomy
Swanepoel, Mr JacquesComputer Science
Swanepoel, Ms ElmarieSchool of Accountancy
Swanepoel, Mrs LizetteOccupational Therapy
Swart, Dr RufusDrama
Swart, Prof SandraHistory
Swart, Mr GerhardusPolitical Science
Swart, Dr HermannPsychology
Swart, Prof EstelleEducational Psychology
Swart, Prof PieterBiochemistry
Swart, Prof AmandaBiochemistry
Swart, Dr OostewaltSurgery
Swart, Dr ChrisnaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Swartz, Prof LesliePsychology
Swilling, Prof MarkSchool of Public Leadership
Tabana, Dr HananiHealth Systems and Public Health
Taljaard, Dr JohannesInternal Medicine
Tambue, Dr AntoineAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Taylor, Dr LiezelSurgery
Tchokonte-Nana, Dr VenantClinical Anatomy
Terblanche, Prof JonathanConservation Ecology and Entomology
Terblanche, Ms JudithSchool of Accountancy
Terblanche, Prof NicolaasBusiness Management
Terblanche, Prof ElmarieSport Science
Terblanche, Mrs LaurenNursing and Midwifery
Terblanche-smit, Dr MarlizeUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Terreblanche, Mrs CatharinaVisual Arts
Terreblanche, Prof SolomonEconomics
Theart, Ms LomariBusiness Management
Theron, Prof KarenHorticultural Science
Theron, Prof GerhardusObstetrics and Gynaecology
Theron, Prof EdwinBusiness Management
Theron, Prof CarlIndustrial Psychology
Theron, Mr FrancoisSchool of Public Leadership
Theron, Dr TherinaResearch Development
Theron-Wepener, Dr MarieUSB Marketing and Communication
Thesnaar, Prof ChristoffelPractical Theology and Missiology
Thom, Prof JohanAncient Studies
Thomas, Dr KylieEnglish
Thomas, Dr VijuObstetrics and Gynaecology
Thomas, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Thompson, Dr CraigCampus Health Service
Titus, Mr AdnilPhysiotherapy
Tolken, Mrs Angela
Tomas, Dr AntonioSociology and Social Anthropology
Tomas, Dr Antonio Pinto Da Conceicao AndradeSociology and Social Anthropology
Tomlinson, Prof MarkPsychology
Touchette, Dr HugoNational Institute for Theoretical Physics
Traub, Ms LulamaAgricultural Economics
Tredoux, Dr AndreasChemistry and Polymer Science
Treurnicht, Mr JohannElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Treurnicht, Mr Nicolaas FranciscusIndustrial Engineering
Trinchero, Mr PieroMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Tromp, Prof GerardusMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Tsehlana, Ms HalejoetseEnglish
Tshehla, Prof Maashuntha
Tshifularo, Dr NyaweleniSurgery
Tucker, Mr RyanEarth Sciences
Tukic, Mrs NusaCentre for Chinese Studies
Turner, Dr DanCivil Engineering
Tyhoda, Dr LuvuyoForest and Wood Science
Unger, Dr MariannePhysiotherapy
Ungerer, Prof MariusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Utete, Dr SimukaiAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Uys, Prof FrederikSchool of Public Leadership
Uys, Prof DanielStatistics and Actuarial Science
Uys, Mr RoelofNautical Science (Mil)
Uys, Dr RonellePaediatrics and Child Health
Valentine, Prof AlexanderBotany and Zoology
Van Beek, Dr UrsulaPolitical Science
Van Daalen, Dr CorneElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Van De Vyver, Dr MariInternal Medicine
Van Den Heever, Dr JurgensBotany and Zoology
Van Den Heever, Dr DawieMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Den Worm, Mrs Marietta
Van Der Ahee, Mrs GloudiSchool of Accountancy
Van Der Bank, Mr FrancoisIndustrial Psychology
Van Der Berg, Prof ServaasEconomics
Van Der Does, Dr AlbertineFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Van Der Gryp, Dr PercyProcess Engineering
Van Der Heever, Mrs MarianaNursing and Midwifery
Van Der Klashorst, Mr EtienneCivil Engineering
Van Der Laan, Dr LouvinaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Van Der Linde, Dr MerciaChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Van Der Merwe, Prof JohannesGeography and Environmental Studies
Van Der Merwe, Dr AlettaGenetics
van der Merwe, Prof FlorisSport Science
Van Der Merwe, Prof ChristiaanAncient Studies
Van Der Merwe, Prof WynandAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Van Der Merwe, Prof AndrèUrology
Van Der Merwe, Mr AlbertEconomics
Van Der Merwe, Prof AndreIndustrial Engineering
Van Der Merwe, Dr MicheleCurriculum Studies
Van Der Merwe, Mr SchalkDrama
Van Der Merwe, Prof AndriesComputer Science
Van Der Merwe, Prof AnitaNursing and Midwifery
Van Der Merwe, Ms CharmaineCentre for Health Professions Education
Van Der Merwe, Dr JacobusObstetrics and Gynaecology
Van Der Merwe, Dr ChristinaPsychiatry
Van Der Merwe, Mr JustinCentre for Military Studies
Van Der Merwe, Prof CorneliusPrivate Law
Van Der Merwe, Mr DanielAccounting (Mil) and Auditing (Mil)
Van Der Merwe, Mr JohanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Der Merwe, Prof FrederikElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Van Der Merwe, Prof WilliePhilosophy
Van Der Merwe, Mr CarelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Der Merwe Van Ryneveld, Mr HendrikVisual Arts
Van Der Spuy, Mr PieterSchool of Accountancy
Van Der Spuy, Dr SybrandMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Der Spuy, Prof GianMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Van Der Ventel, Prof BrandonPhysics
Van Der Vyver, Dr ChristellInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Van Der Waag, Prof IanMilitary History
Van Der Waal, Prof CornelisSociology and Social Anthropology
Van Der Wal, Dr RuurdVisual Arts
Van Der Walt, Prof ChristaCurriculum Studies
Van Der Walt, Dr MarthinusInformation Science
Van Der Walt, Dr CharleneOld and New Testament
Van Der Walt, Dr LydiaPsychiatry
Van Der Wath, Mr WillemBureau for Economic Research
Van Der Watt, Mr LouisMusic
Van Der Westhuizen, Prof JohannesPolitical Science
Van Der Westhuizen, Dr PieterPhysics
Van Der Zalm, Dr MariekeDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Van Deventer, Dr KarelSport Science
Van Dyk, Dr LiezlIndustrial Engineering
Van Eeden, Mr BenjaminMusic
Van Eeden, Mr JoubertIndustrial Engineering
Van Eeden, Mrs AmandaGeography and Environmental Studies
Van Heerden, Dr JakobusStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Heerden, Prof Barend
Van Helden, Prof EileenMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Van Helden, Prof PaulMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Van Heyningen, Mr Charl Music
Van Huyssteen, Ms LuceaBusiness Management
Van Huyssteen, Ms JosaneSocial Work
Van Huyssteen, Mrs CecileSocial Work
Van Lill, Mrs MilandréCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Van Louw, Dr TrevorCentre for Pedagogy
Van Niekerk, Prof AdriaanGeography and Environmental Studies
Van Niekerk, Prof AntonPhilosophy
Van Niekerk, Prof MarleneAfrikaans and Dutch
Van Niekerk, Dr EvetteHuman Nutrition
Van Niekerk, Prof JohannesMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Niekerk, Dr DavidBiochemistry
Van Niekerk, Prof LanaOccupational Therapy
Van Niekerk, Ms AnjaSchool of Accountancy
Van Niekerk, Ms FrancescaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Noort, Prof GerardFood Science
Van Otterlo, Prof WillemChemistry and Polymer Science
Van Papendorp, Mrs ErikaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Van Reenen, Prof AlbertChemistry and Polymer Science
Van Renen, Ms WandiSchool of Accountancy
Van Rensburg, Mr JohannLogistics
Van Rensburg, Dr AnnariInternal Medicine
Van Robbroeck, Prof LizeVisual Arts
Van Rooyen, Dr BeverleyHaematological Pathology
Van Rooyen, Prof JohannesBusiness Management
Van Rooyen, Dr GertCivil Engineering
Van Rooyen, Mr TataCivil Engineering
Van Rooyen, Prof Gert-JanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
van Rooyen, Prof CorneliusAgricultural Economics
Van Rooyen, Dr GottliebMathematics
Van Schalkwyk, Prof ChristiaanSchool of Accountancy
Van Schalkwyk, Mrs CatherinaSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Van Schalkwyk, Dr MarijeInternal Medicine
Van Schalkwyk, Prof SusanCentre for Health Professions Education
Van Schoor, Mr MeltEconomics
Van Toorn, Dr RonaldPaediatrics and Child Health
Van Velden, Dr David
Van Vuuren, Dr DerickMedical Physiology
Van Vuuren, Prof JanIndustrial Engineering
Van Vuuren, Dr JohanStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Wilgen, Prof BrianDST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Van Wyk, Mrs SherinePsychology
Van Wyk, Ms EllaneSchool of Accountancy
Van Wyk, Mrs DanielleSchool of Accountancy
Van Wyk, Prof BerteEducation Policy Studies
Van Wyk, Prof JohannesBotany and Zoology
Van Wyk, Prof LeonMathematics
Van Wyk, Dr JohanChemical Pathology
Van Wyk, Dr ChristoffelEconomics
Van Wyk, Mr PetrieProcess Engineering
Van Wyk, Dr BenBusiness Management Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Van Wyk, Ms JanaSchool of Accountancy
Van Zijl, Prof GideonCivil Engineering
Van Zijl, Prof LynetteComputer Science
Van Zyl, Mrs DesmareGenetics
Van Zyl, Prof DorotheaAfrikaans and Dutch
Van Zyl, Ms AnriaSchool of Accountancy
Van Zyl, Prof LindaSchool of Accountancy
Van Zyl, Mrs NatalieStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Zyl, Prof WillemMicrobiology
Van Zyl, Dr JohannesPhysics
Van Zyl, Prof JohannClinical Pharmacology
Van Zyl, Dr AnelPaediatrics and Child Health
Van Zyl, Dr GertMedical Virology
Van Zyl, Dr BrinkAnimal Sciences
Van Zyl, Dr HendrikCampus Health Service
Veenstra, Dr HanneloreMedical Physiology
Veldsman, Mrs NanetteVisual Arts
Venter, Mrs ChanelBusiness Management
Venter, Prof GerhardusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Venter, Dr RanelSport Science
Venter, Mr EdwardStatistics and Actuarial Science
Venter, Miss LieschenLogistics
Venter, Dr GustavCentre for Human Performance Sciences
Verachia, Dr WasseelaFood Science
Verhoeven, Dr PaulChemistry and Polymer Science
Verhoog, Dr NicoletteBiochemistry
Vermaas, Prof HendrikForest and Wood Science
Vermeulen, Ms MariseSchool of Accountancy
Vermeulen, Prof HendrikElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Vernimmen, Prof FrederikRadiation Oncology
Verster, Dr GerritPsychiatry
Victor, Prof ThomasMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Viljoen, Prof AlbertusPlant Pathology
Viljoen, Prof LouiseAfrikaans and Dutch
Viljoen, Prof ShaunEnglish
Viljoen, Dr EstellaVisual Arts
Viljoen, Mrs ChristinaSchool of Accountancy
Viljoen, Dr HelenaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Viljoen, Dr CelesteCivil Engineering
Viljoen, Mr JeandreCampus Health Service
Viljoen-Bloom, Prof MarindaMicrobiology
Vink, Prof NicholasAgricultural Economics
Visagie, Prof StephanusLogistics
Visser, Mrs JanickeHuman Nutrition
Visser, Prof MariannaAfrican Languages
Visser, Prof WesselHistory
Visser, Mrs MoniqueSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Visser, Mrs MichelleIndustrial Psychology
Visser, Ms TanyaIndustrial Engineering
Visser, Prof WillemComputer Science
Visser, Mr AlwynSchool of Accountancy
Visser, Prof Gustav EttieneGeography and Environmental Studies
Viszolai, Ms LoraineNursing and Midwifery
Vivier, Prof MelaneViticulture and Oenology
Viviers, Prof SuzetteBusiness Management
Viviers, Dr PierreCampus Health Service
Vlok, Mrs ElizabethOccupational Therapy
Vlok, Mr AbrahamBusiness Management
Vlok, Prof P.j.Industrial Engineering
Vlok, Dr AdriaanNeurosurgery
Voges, Mrs JuanePsychiatry
Volmink, Prof James
Volschenk, Mr JakobusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Volschenk, Dr HeinrichMicrobiology
Von Backstrom, Prof TheodorMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Von Bergmann, Prof HubertusPhysics
Von Der Heyden, Dr SophieBotany and Zoology
Von der Heyden, Dr BjornEarth Sciences
Von Fintel, Dr DieterEconomics
Von Fintel, Dr MarisaEconomics
Von Leipzig, Mr KonradIndustrial Engineering
Von Maltzan, Prof CarlottaModern Foreign Languages
Von Pressentin, Dr KlausFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Von Wielligh, Prof SimonSchool of Accountancy
Vorster, Mr JanSociology and Social Anthropology
Vos, Prof HenryIndustrial Psychology
Vosloo, Prof RobertSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Vrey, Prof FrancoisMilitary Strategy
Wadee, Prof ShabbirForensic Medicine
Waghid, Prof YusefEducation Policy Studies
Wagner, Prof StephanMathematics
Wait, Dr JohnPsychology
Walker, Prof CherrylSociology and Social Anthropology
Walker, Dr BryonyHaematological Pathology
Wallis, Prof LeeEmergency Medicine
Walls, Mr RichardCivil Engineering
Walters, Mrs MelissaSchool of Accountancy
Walters, Prof PieterPhysics
Walters, Dr ElisabettaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Walzl, Dr GerhardMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wang, Prof RongjieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Warnich, Prof Louisa
Warren, Prof RobinMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Warren, Prof BrianSurgery
Warwick, Prof JamesNuclear Medicine
Watson, Prof BruceInformation Science
Weber, Dr ShantellePractical Theology and Missiology
Weich, Dr ElizabethPsychiatry
Weideman, Prof JacobApplied Mathematics
Weigel, Prof HerbertPhysics
Welman, Dr KarenSport Science
Welte, Prof AlexSACEMA The SA DST NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiologica
Wessels, Dr BrandForest and Wood Science
Wessels, Mr BernardPrivate Law
Wessels, Dr HelenaCurriculum Studies
Wessels, Ms LesleyMathematics
Wesson, Mrs NicoleneUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Westcott, Dr CorliMedical Physiology
Westdyk, Mrs DimitraMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Weyl, Dr Olaf
Whitelaw, Prof Andrew ChristopherMedical Microbiology
Wiegman, Ms NitaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Wiid, Dr PieterElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Wiid, Prof IanMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wild, Prof MarcelMathematics
Wildschut, Dr LaurenCentre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)
Willemse, Mr LeonardSchool of Accountancy
Willemse, Ms LodeneCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Williams, Mrs LeonePhysiotherapy
Williams, Dr PaulFood Science
Williams, Dr MoniqueMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Williams-Elegbe, Prof SopeMercantile Law
Wilson, Dr JohnBotany and Zoology
Windvogel, Dr ShantalMedical Physiology
Wium, Prof JanCivil Engineering
Wiysonge, Prof CharlesCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Woermann, Dr MinkaPhilosophy
Wolfaardt, Prof GideonMicrobiology
Wolhuter, Dr RiaanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Woods, Prof GavinSchool of Public Leadership
Woolgar, Mrs HelenNursing and Midwifery
Wossler, Prof TheresaBotany and Zoology
Wranz, Prof PeterAnatomical Pathology
Wyatt, Ms ZoeAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Wyngaardt, Prof ShaunPhysics
Xaba, Mr NkhabaSociology and Social Anthropology
Xamlashe, Mrs SibongileAfrican Languages
Xeketwana, Mr AndreasAfrican Languages
Young, Prof TarynHealth Systems and Public Health
Young, Dr PhilipInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Young, Mrs CorneleNursing and Midwifery
Yu, Prof YuanfangModern Foreign Languages
Zaharie, Dr DanAnatomical Pathology
Zöllner, Prof EkkehardPaediatrics and Child Health
Zeier, Dr MicheledesireInternal Medicine
Zelaya Torres, Dr MariaHaematological Pathology
Zemlin, Prof AnnaliseChemical Pathology
Zietsman, Ms MagdelSchool of Accountancy
Ziskind, Dr AriOphthalmology
Zuidewind, Dr PeterChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Zunza, Ms MoleenCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Zweig, Mrs PatriciaGeography and Environmental Studies