Bloom’s Taxonomy comes to life

Posted on 30/07/2014 · Posted in Recent news

Oxford University Press has partnered with the Stellenbosch University Language Centre and A Blind Spot Productions to create a series of edutainment videos aimed at helping students excel at their studies.

The first video, launched today, offers students a fresh and exciting crash course in the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy, a learning paradigm that can completely change the learning game for students. “Equipping students for success has always been at the heart of what we do. This video series takes everything we do and pushes it further. It’s fresh, exciting and very in tune with the reality of being a student in the information age. Working with the SU Language Centre and A Blind Spot Productions on this project has been a perfect fit. It is inspiring to team up with experts who understand the importance of communicating educational content in a creative and engaging way,” says Zelda Rowan, Marketing Manager of the Higher Education Division of Oxford University Press South Africa.

Three additional videos will continue the journey we’ve started on with the characters introduced in the first video. Assignment writing is set to be released within the next two months, followed by Referencing shortly thereafter and Note-taking early next year.

Click on this link to watch the Bloom’s Taxonomy video: