TEFL student Melissa da Costa shares her TEFL experience with us

Posted on 20/07/2015 · Posted in Recent news

This course is a demanding one, with of 120 hours of face to face classes and a further 80 hours of assignments and planning in a short four week time frame.  Although everybody works hard, trainees are expected to participate throughout the course and they thoroughly enjoy the interactive nature of the classes, as well as the relationships that are built with both peers and students.   Whether you want to travel and teach, or if you simply want to fine tune your teaching techniques, TEFL will set you on your way!

Here’s what Melissa da Costa has to say about her experience:

I formed a part of the TEFL short course class in January 2015.

The course was exhausting, and fast-paced. It was also highly enjoyable. More importantly, it provided me with incredibly valuable information about teaching foreign language students, as well as important practical teaching experience. The practical aspect of teaching was a massive adjustment, but it was far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Without this practice, I would probably have received the fright of my life on my first day on the job!

The instructors are dedicated, efficient, and enthusiastic, and the classroom environment is very comfortable and pleasant. Useful methods of teaching were demonstrated to us in memorable ways, and we promptly received helpful feedback on every task. Full day classes also meant that I got to meet and get to know a group of very interesting people.

Despite the fact that the course lasted only a month, when it was over I felt far more prepared to enter the teaching world, and I had valuable practical teaching hours to add to my CV.

Our certificate in TEFL /TESOL is an intensive short course designed to give new or already practicing teachers the skills that they need to successfully Teach English as a Foreign Language.     Participants are trained in language teaching methodology as well as classroom management techniques, after which they turn theory into practice through gaining experience of teaching English language to real foreign students under the guidance of the training team.  We give our students thorough feedback after each lesson to help them develop their lesson planning and teaching techniques.

For more information on the Stellenbosch University Language Centre’s TEFL/TESOL  course, email Juliette or contact her at +27 21 808 2676