An Amazing Reading Race challenge on Mandela day   

Posted on 25/11/2016 · Posted in Dialogos

At the Language Centre, we know that being able to read with comprehension is one of the most valuable skills that one could have. On Mandela day this year we therefore jumped at the opportunity to do something that is actively related to reading: we hosted an Amazing Reading Race challenge for the Grade 8 learners of one of our high schools here in Stellenbosch.

The purpose of our Amazing Reading Race challenge was to use fun and games to teach the Grade 8 learners of Luckhoff High School exactly how important it is to read with comprehension.

In preparation for the race, the teachers divided the learners into teams of five. Each team received a text to read, after which they had to answer questions on the text. As soon as they had all the correct answers, they received an envelope containing an assignment or challenge to complete. This led to excited searches for specific items, but first they had to read their instructions very carefully. One assignment entailed going in search of specifically a Grade 10 accounting text book, for example. Self-satisfied participants who returned with a Grade 11 text book were simply sent back to get the correct book. After having completed the first assignments, each group received an English text to read and answer questions on before they could get instructions for the final challenge.

Judging by the enthusiastic participation, we believe that we contributed a little bit to getting these learners to think differently about reading. The winning team was awarded a book voucher to buy something for their class.