Book chests enchant children

Posted on 12/06/2017 · Posted in Dialogos, Recent news

In the previous edition of Dialogos, we reported on how a boerewors roll sale could contribute to multilingualism. Now we’re tracking that project’s progress.

On 20 April, Vriende van Afrikaans, the Language Centre and the residence Academia shared the excitement of delivering two book chests to Akkerdoppies and Speelkring, two pre-primary schools in Stellenbosch.

The book chests, worth R15 000 together, were financed by donations and the project “Fill up with a boerewors roll and fill a book chest” that was launched on 10 March this year. With this project, Vriende van Afrikaans, the Language Centre, Academia and Matie Community Service joined forces to raise funds to buy book chests for schools. The project is also part of the Language Centre’s 2017 multilingualism campaign.

When the book chest containing 90 brand-new books was opened, the faces of the children at the two pre-primary schools lit up. Chareldine van der Merwe of Vriende van Afrikaans spoke to the children about handling books in the right way and then read them a story. At both schools the children reciprocated spontaneously by singing two songs to say thank you. Academia will organise reading initiatives at the schools this year still and also plans to deliver surprise packets to the schools at the end of the year, to help create a Christmas atmosphere for the children.

“It is such an extraordinary privilege to share the gift of books with children. We hope that the magic of books will keep on captivating each and every child,” says Vernita Beukes, coordinator of the project. “Dr Seuss’ words definitely ring true: ‘You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!’”