Rocking the airwaves with MFM

Posted on 20/11/2017 · Posted in Dialogos

“What is news?”

“Watch your tone.”

And “Don’t forget to feed your chickens!”

These were a few of the challenges MFM presenters had to field recently while attending ‘Rocking the airwaves’, a short course presented by the Communication Lab of the Language Centre. MFM is Stellenbosch University’s radio station, brimming with lively characters who were eager to sharpen their radio skills.

During the months of August and September, the Language Centre’s Eduard de Kock and Gillian Newton hosted a series of interactive lectures, challenging a group of MFM presenters and newsreaders on their ideas of what made a story newsworthy, what made a voice attractive and how to apply ethics under difficult circumstances. The presenters joined forces with Dr Mareli Pretorius of the Drama Department, who explored concepts like speech and vocal identity with the group.

Despite the heavy topics, the MFMers had a ball, taking to Twitter to show what they were up to:

21 nov tweet 2 rocking

21 nov tweet 1 rocking

The course didn’t come without an element of stress though, as the group faced a mammoth practical exam: they were to use everything they’ve learned to compile and present a full news bulletin that would be evaluated. After a gruelling session of pens scribbling, notes flying, paper shuffling and, eventually, earth-moving news bulletins, the Language Centre can confirm that the MFMers passed the short course with flying colours.

MFM Station Manager Veronique Smal has since complimented the Language Centre on the tailormade course and its presentation. Such positive feedback from a station that has been producing great talent for years is high praise indeed! The Language Centre’s Comms Lab facilitates general and tailormade short courses like these for corporate groups and individuals alike. If you’d like to be edutained, contact Michelle Pieters at the Comms Lab.


A discussion on ethics during the ‘Rocking the airwaves’ short course.