Campus race

Posted on 27/09/2012 · Posted in 10th anniversary

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations 52 students will participate in a campus race this Friday (28 September).

Thirteen groups of four members each will race to six different buildings on campus where they will receive clues about their next destination. The group that arrives first will receive R500 each. Students will have to use their language knowledge as well as their knowledge about buildings on campus to complete the race successfully.

This activity is one of two for students in celebration of the Language Centre’s tenth anniversary. The other student activity is an online competition in which students have to create new words in English and Afrikaans. Students with the best neologisms will also win cash prizes.

The race starts at Bosman Street 7 at 13:00 and shouldn’t take longer than an hour (depending on how quickly students complete the course).