Online tool, MoM SA turns into a dynamic, flexible teaching and learning tool

Posted on 06/09/2013 · Posted in Recent news

In a joint venture, Christine Fourie, a contract staff member at the Language Centre, and Kris Van de Poel from the University of Antwerp presented a paper, titled ‘Towards blended medical communication training: Adapting online language learning materials for South African vocational training’. They reported on communication courses for medical professionals, and especially for language-discordant doctors.

Christine and Kris reported on how the existing online tool, MoM, was turned into a dynamic, flexible teaching and learning tool called MoM SA. They explained how blended learning aims to introduce and at the same time balance online and contact teaching and learning. Further, they discussed how the stakeholders evaluate MoM SA’s success in terms of its relevance, efficiency, added value, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. They also reflected on how this project would be carried forward, since MoM SA is meant to foster and ultimately enrich a well-defined multilingual professional environment.